Friday, May 13, 2011

Calorie Counting

Why can't we just eat what we want to eat? Day 2 of calorie counting ended at 2000 calories for the day. (MUCH better than day 1)

Day 3 (today). I am sitting at 1210 so far and it's 2pm. And I'm really full right now. I'm thinking I won't even want food until at least 7pm.

In theory, after I ride my bike today at 5pm for an hour (600-700 calorie burn), and eat 1/2 homemade hamburger for dinner, I should be around 1800-ish for today. IF I don't eat any more candy or ice cream. (I've tackled some coconut m&m's already today)

I'm pretty worried about tomorrow. I'm helping throw a baby shower tomorrow for some good friends that just adopted a baby!! I made this AWESOME cinnamon walnut streusel coffee cake, the BEST chocolate chip cookies ever, and banana bread. There will also be 3 different varieties of gourmet cupcakes.

Oh. Em. Gee.

I'm pretty much screwed for tomorrow. I'd better run 10 miles and bike 20 miles to burn off all the goodies I will eat tomorrow. Yummy, tasty, goodies. Hmmmmmm...

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