Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I took 3 days completely off from exercising because:

  • Sunday is my rest day.
  • Monday it rained ALL DAY LONG. poured. All. Day.
  • Tuesday I was banned from exercise since I had a physical that night for our life insurance. No exercise 24 hours prior to the blood draws because it would mess up the results.
Okay so this morning was my first workout since Saturday. I planned on doing 6x400's @ 8min/mile pace with 400 jogs in between. I even figured out how to put it all in my garmin so it would keep track and beep automatically at me! Got a running buddy, set my alarm for 5:30am.

And then I woke up at 6:50am.

No alarm. My buddy ran without me. No time to run the 5+ miles I had planned.

So I got dressed, and went out the door to do my 3.7 mile loop that I DID have time for. I felt awful. I'm supposed to start my period today so maybe that's it. Or maybe I haven't gotten enough sleep lately. OR it is the garbage way I've been eating for 4 days. (At my physical last night, I weighed 129 pounds - that's approaching my scary weight)

Okay, so after my dentist appointment today, I am going to take the boys in the bike trailer for 45 minutes or so giving me 1 hour and 20 minutes of card today. Then I'll do my 70 push-ups for today.

AND, I am on a diet. Well, more like cutting out the sugar. ALL additive sugar. I can have all the fruit I want but no sweeteners added to food. No honey, sugar, stevia, spenda, etc. until Sunday.  That is four days of super-de-duper clean eating. A mini-detox, if you will.

I'll update you on the food situation. Greek yogurt and strawberries are calling my name!

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fancy nancy said...

Ha! I just had some greek yogurt and strawberries!

Nothing is worse than rolling over and seeing a much later time on the clock! Ugh!

Good luck with the sugar detox! I'm not far behind!