Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon Recap

Pre-race - got up at 6am after not sleeping great for some reason. Don't know why, just didn't feel rested. Ate some pancakes with syrup and water (awesome pre-race carb loading!) Got the kids up and dropped off at the babysitters at 7am. Got to Lifetime at 7:30 for my 8am wave start.

(trying to decide which goggles and which cap. Can you tell I'm a swimmer?)

SWIM 10 minutes: Started strong with flip turns and everything. (Keep in mind I haven't been in a pool since September. That's 7 months of ZERO swimming.) Started to get a little tired at 200 yards and dropped the flip turns. Triceps felt amazingly good but the shoulders and forearms got a little fatigued by the end. Finished strong at 24 lengths of the pool (600 yards). One guy beat me at 26 lengths.

T1: 10 minutes until the bike start so I changed out of my suit and put on running shorts and sports bra and top. filled my water bottle, pulled my hair back, adjusted my spin bike, and sat down. We had a late start so it was really 15 minutes here.

BIKE 30 minutes: I kept my resistance low and spun as fast as I could. I kept the speed around 32-33 mph (those spin bikes are way off) and finished at 15.6 miles. Heart rate was really low, this part felt pretty easy. One girl got like, 20 miles! What in the world??

T2: Walked over to the treadmills, grabbed a towel, started up my mp3 player and off we went!

RUN 20 minutes: I started off at 6.5 speed with the plan to up it .2 every song. My goal was to go at least 2.2 miles total. I felt good until about 10 minutes in, I got really hot and my legs were feeling tired. I made it up to 7.1 but had to lower it back down to 6.7 because I didn't think I could hold it for 8 more minutes. Finished at 6.9 with 2.24 miles total. (that's 8:55 pace!!) I'm pretty happy with that!

I won't know my results until monday when they post them on the internet, but I think I did pretty good. The shirt is REALLY big, and I got a small! But it's really nice fabric and has a cool logo on it. Also got a swim cap and some muscle milk at the end.

Totally fun.


d.a.r. said...

I go to our local Lifetime, too...I saw this advertised (ours was like 2-3 weeks ago, I think). I had no idea how they did it--interesting! Way to go!

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