Friday, April 8, 2011

Favorite Things Friday!

  • My two sons. Even though they jump on me and knee me in the head. Even though they pull out all the toys and make a disaster in the living room after I just spent 2 hours cleaning and organizing the toy room and living room. Even though they drop food all over the kitchen floor. They are just too cute.

  • Spring time in Texas. Even though the humidity will make me vomit while I run outside. Even though the heat makes me sweat so much my husband will not kiss me good-bye in the morning. (true story) Even though I get so much sun that I will have skin cancer at 35. Because look at the beautiful flowers.

  • Easter. Not because of the candy (please, like I need BIGGER thighs?), but because of the time I have to reflect on my Savior.

  • Being healthy enough to exercise. Yeah, I get little injuries here and there, but I can go to the grocery store without worrying that I might catch a cold that will kill me. (Like my good friend's daughter.) Grateful that I could run my 7 miles this morning. It may not have been fast or anything but I'm not in a wheelchair like a teenage boy at my church. SO much to be grateful for today.
What are YOU grateful for??


Lauren said...

Being able to take a nap almost every day.
It's been a blessing with this pregnancy!

Jen said...

Thanks for your blogs. A friend of mine from Texas introduced me to your couponing blog and one day I checked out your triathlete blog, and I had to laugh because you are alot like me. Many times you encourage me to get out the door and go running or focus on my debt pay off. I am not a stay at home mom but I do teach and my husband does too so in the summers we are a stay at home family and it rocks. So thank you for your blog and I am most thankful for the SUMMER!

d.a.r. said...

Aww your kiddos are so stinkin' cute!