Monday, March 7, 2011

A race is coming!

The last couple of weeks my workouts have been sporadic and with no real goal. So now I will write down my goal/plan for the week and hope it comes to pass. With 3 kids: 1 in school, 2 in evening sports, an after school baby-sitting job, and a husband who works and does scouts 1 night a week, there are very few times that I can squeeze in a workout. This morning I wanted to do 6x800 repeats, but only had time for 2 before Dave had to leave for work @ 6am. (I was out the door @ 5:10am)


Today: 1.5 mile warm up, 2x800's @ 8mm pace, 1.3 mile cool down. yoga tonight after kids are in bed.

Tues: bike 45 minutes, run 1.7 miles outside. chest and arms P90X video

Wed: 5 mile tempo-ish run. middle 3 at a solid 9:30 pace (goal). yoga at night

Thur: bike 45 minutes, run 1.7 miles outside. back and biceps P90X

Fri: 7 mile easy long run, yoga

Sat: bike FAST 10 miles.

I have a new problem. My legs want to go really fast lately. They just want to go and go and go. (I know you are thinking - why is that a problem?!) My heart rate red lines when my legs go the way they want. My cardio system is not able to keep up with what my legs want to do. Will it eventually keep up? Anyone have some answers??

Goal for today: eat to fuel the body with good things.

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