Saturday, March 12, 2011

The plan vs. reality

Here's what really went down this week...

Mon: 1.5 mile warm up, 2x800's @ 8mm pace, 1.3 mile cool down. yoga tonight after kids are in bed. YES!

Tues: bike 45 minutes, run 1.7 miles outside. chest and arms P90X video - ran 4 miles barefoot instead, which screwed up the rest of the week.

Wed: 5 mile tempo-ish run. middle 3 at a solid 9:30 pace (goal). yoga at night - yes on the run (sore legs), nope to the yoga

Thur: bike 45 minutes, run 1.7 miles outside. back and biceps P90X - ummmm, unplanned rest day.

Fri: 7 mile easy long run, yoga - 6.26 mile run(sore legs), did 1 hour of yoga!

Sat: bike FAST 10 miles. - 5 mile run instead. (sore legs)

Highest mileage week EVER! That's including training for my half marathon!! 24 miles for the week!

I did ZERO biking this week. My barefoot run on tuesday created problems for the rest of the week. My calves have been sore for the rest of the week. So bad that it ruined my run today and yesterday. I can't even explain the depth of soreness. The first 3 days were like knives in my legs. Today was aching, and stabbing pains, like I have pulled every single muscle in the calves. 

Next week is SPRING BREAK!!! Which rocks when you have a spouse that works for a school district. that means I can exercise ANY time of day I choose!!!! Next week will be a heavy biking week. All outside. I *might* even do a brick workout in prep for my triathlon in 30 days! 

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