Thursday, March 10, 2011

keep it steady

I just read over my last post and realized how bummed out it sounded. And that's because I WAS bummed out.

But now?

Now I feel better.

My yoga, stretching, hot showering and icy-hotting have been working!!! My thutt(thigh/butt) feels a little better even though I ran 3 days in a row! UNHEARD OF!

My IT band doesn't hurt AT ALL! For the first time since before my half in november!!! It must be the new shoes.

(yes, I realize there are a lot of exclamation points! leave me alone! I'm excited!)


I've got a 7 mile run scheduled for tomorrow. Nice and easy. long and slow. we'll see if I can do it. my legs just like going fast! (fast is relative)

case in point:

easy barefoot run tuesday night miles;
10:08 - good
10:03 - good
10:30 - calves are REALLY hurting now
9:09 - put shoes on - yikes!

wednesday morning 5 mile run that was supposed to be a tempo but my calves were way too sore to do it;
10:09 - good
10:08 - good
9:36 - good tempo pace
9:28 - good tempo pace
9:14 - this was supposed to be my cooldown!

What is the matter with me?! I can not keep a solid pace for the life of me!

Tomorrow: 7 miles. NICE. AND. SLOW.

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A.J. Dub. said...

Did you see Celia's new running shoes? That is what T wants for running. Something to simulate barefoot, with less injury risk.