Monday, March 21, 2011

I think Texas skipped right over spring. Feels like summer!

Finally, for the first time since I bought it in December, I got to wear my (new?) running skirt! I like this one WAY better than the pink one I have since the pink one is super duper short and can show some serious butt crease. This one? No crease in sight! YAY!

(this was after my very sweaty, warm, humid run on Saturday)

And this was this morning. 45 minutes after I finished. With nasty stinky sweat on my shirt. Can you see it?

As soon as someone creates a product that will keep my frizzy hair from frizzing in 99% humidity while I'm sweating like a guy in a jewelry store, I'll buy stock in that company.

Come on, this hair needs some serious help!

And my 4 year old wanted to me show him how strong my arms were while he took this picture.

Wait, is that...

...the beginnings of runner's legs??!! 

Is it?!


Amy said...

you totally don't need to run to get legs like that, I'm a testament b/c mine look pretty much the same. Yours do look awesome though! Try a straightener that gets really hot (not a chi they suck!!!!) and some heat sealant from paul mitchell for the hair, will kind of work thru a workout.

Allison said...

Is it totally creepy that I'm jealous of your legs?

Ashby Family said...

YAY!!! Someone is jealous my legs!!!!

My dreams have been realized!!!!