Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back to the goal

I originally named this blog Mission: Hot Bod After Baby.

Along the way I discovered a newfound love for running, doing triathlons, and racing.

But, as Thanksgiving and Christmas attacked with a vengeance, then valentine's day and now easter is around the corner with all it's delicious goodies and yummies, I'm having issues. I've put on a couple pounds (like 4-6-ish) and my "I like my body jeans" do not fit right now.

Because of all the exercise, I have not gained as much as I would have eating the way I am now. Mostly the sugar and sweets. Holy sweets. I am a crazy person with the sweets.

I know I am not fat. I am sitting at 125-126 pounds right now. I would like to go back down to 120. That's my happy weight. I like to think it would also be a great racing weight.

I do not want my legs to jiggle when I walk. I want rocking abs. I want those ever elusive runners legs. Swimsuit season does not lie.

I'll be true to you my friends. No lying about if I cheat on my NO SWEETS situation.

Let Mission: Hot Bod commence once again!!

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