Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Ways I Break the Rules

A challenge from Beth over at Shut up and Run. I love this.

1. Only take your child out of school for illness and doctor's appointments. HAHAHAHA!!! It's kindergarten for heavens sake. When my mother in law offers to watch the kids for the weekend and I need to take her out of school early on Thursday and have her miss on Friday as well - oh well! So sad the school didn't get all the money for my daughter for that day and a half.

2. Let your children express themselves. Yeah. Right. If I wanted my 3 kids to be little hellions then I might think about it. Kids need discipline, boundaries, rules, and someone to enforce said items. That's what I'm here for.

3. Follow the speed limit. Nope. At LEAST 5 over, sometimes 10 over if I'm going with the flow of traffic. I've never had a speeding ticket.

4. Serving sizes on candy and sweets. Ummmm, guilty face here but I can eat an entire box on girl scout cookies in one sitting. Ditto a LARGE bag of pretzel m&m's. (not those individual serving bags) Ditto an entire jar of nutella, half a pie, and 6 donuts. I know, it's amazing I don't weigh 200 pounds.

5. Floss every day. I think I floss for 2 days before my 6 month cleaning at the dentist. And they never know...

6. Ice what hurts. I really should do this. Really. Maybe everything would stop hurting??

7. Have a car payment, have a mortgage, and be a 2 income family. I stay at home with my 3 kids and we live off a teachers salary. I'll have my whole life to work when my kids are gone. They won't always be small. We have purchased 2 cars in cash. We are currently paying off our 15 year mortgage in 6.5 years. We are not normal. I don't want to be.

8. Go on a date once a week. I'm telling you, with a need for a babysitter for 3 and a very low budget for dates, this one just doesn't happen that often. Unless putting the kids to bed at 7pm and watching a $1 redbox movie while cuddling on the couch counts as a date. I'm looking forward to my oldest being 12 so we can go out more.

9. Get an annual physical. I hate the doctor. It's true. Not because I have a phobia or had a traumatic experience but because I hate paying money (we have bad insurance) to find out how tall my kids are or how much I weigh and what my blood pressure is. We rarely go when we are sick, too. I don't need to fork over $70 to "wait it out".

10. Don't watch too much TV. While it's true that I don't watch that much (what is too much?), it's at least 2 hours a night when the kids are in bed. Sometimes more on the weekends. My husband LOVES to watch TV and I'll watch with him many times. I wonder what we'll do when I cancel DISH in August??


ShutUpandRun said...

I LOVE this!! The children expressing them bit made me laugh out loud. They are kids. They need to shut up sometimes. Thanks for playing along!

A Mormon Mommy said...

I love all of your comments...I find myself doing the same things. I stay home with three kids and my hubby one income for us! I, too, wish I was a runner, but I have not been able to make that commitment yet.
I really want to lose 30lbs, but I can't stop cheating on every diet I do!
I need some serious motivation/help/desire!!