Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Three Tangent Tuesday

I'm joining in for the first time ever!

Workout today: 45 minute trainer session, 10x1 minute standing sprints w/ 1 minute recovery
                          pilates abs
                          5 miles on treadmill @ 45 minutes!!! Fastest ever! (and longest I've ever gone 
                          on a treadmill)

1. Every Sunday night we watch America's Funniest Videos on ABC. Dave and I started this tradition when we were first married 7 1/2 years ago and we only got 3 fuzzy channels in our "projects" apartment. The tradition has continued and now all 3 kids enjoy "The Funny Show" with us every sunday.  You can tell here that Andrew thinks Tyler is ridiculous with how much he loves mommy. Those eyes are so funny!

And here is my FAVORITE video from this week's episode:

2. I live in Texas where the weather is as crazy as most of the people who live here. Saturday is was 74 degrees, sunny, and just BEAUTIFUL! Today? School and work is cancelled because of the ice storm that hit last night at 10pm! See??

So I had to hit up the treadmill. I've NEVER ran more than 3.2 miles on a treadmill before today. I've also never held 9 minute miles for 5 miles until today. I am SO. PROUD.

My girl Teresa came with. She did 6. She is also running a marathon in 1 month.

3. I do not like grapefruit. But I forced myself to eat it today. Because it's so good for you! and partly because I have 12 grapefruit in my house because of the produce co-op I am part of. Guess what came in yesterday's basket?? GRAPEFRUIT. And no one else in my house will eat it! I think if you have to douse it in sugar, why is it called a fruit?! I ate it straight up. It was not great. I rewarded myself with a heaping bowl of broccoli afterwards!

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Stephanie said...

I will come eat ALL of your grapefruit! :)

That video was so cute. She sort of did look like a pig with the ham around her face!

Way to rock the treadmill!!!