Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Hobbies

I tried my hand at mountain biking a couple times this last weekend.


Man, it is quite a bit different than road biking. We only were going 6 mph most of the time but with the sharp turns, the ups and downs, and roots to pop a wheelie over - my heart rate averaged in the 180's!!

I rubbed the skin completely off my thumb from braking so much, and my lats were SORE the next day.

Dave even took a little spill!

Let's talk green smoothies.

I tried them several times and I am STARVING an hour later. Then, today I realized that I think I just need 2 breakfasts!! Am I the only person who needs all this food in the morning?? My friends think I'm crazy since I eat ALL the time. I can't even make it through 3 hours of church without wanting to pass out.

Check out my lunch. 

I think the only thing that might smell better than fresh strawberries are fresh peaches.

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