Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I eat hills for breakfast

or, I wish I could.

Today had hill repeats on the schedule. I was optimistic going into it, taking a niiiiiiice, eeeeaaaaasy 2.4 mile warm up to get to my hill that I had been eyeing for the last 3 months. Funny how nice and easy has changed from 11 minute miles to 10 minute miles.

I get to my hill(60 feet climb in .15 miles), and hit the lap button on the garmin and take off.

Holy. crapola.

Heart rate of 189 at the top with burning quads and I can't even get a full breathe anymore. I pretty much collapse and heave for 5 minutes. Okay, just kidding. I jog back down the hill and get ready to do another one. and another one. and ONE final one.

4 hill repeats and I want to die.

I barely held 10:30 pace for the last .7 mile back home. And then I took a nap. After eating a mess of food. And now I'm starving again.

Conclusion - sprinting up hills hurts like nothing I can describe. Am I helping you want to tackle some??

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