Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hail to the 'mill

Here is Tejas we've been snowed/iced in all week. Seriously. They closed all public schools for 4 days in a row and my hubs was home as well.

Question: How am I supposed to run with ICE on the ground??

Answer: Steal my friend's key for her neighborhood clubhouse and use her treadmill.

3 runs on the treadmill this week totaling 14 miles (18 miles for the week).

What I've learned about the treadmill.
-If you don't have good music or something on TV, SO. BORING.
-Excellent for speedwork.
-Take an excedrin before the run for a headache and the caffeine makes you feel AWESOME. 
-One treadmill at 6.5 does not feel the same as another at 6.5.
-Other people think you are crazy for running for an hour.
-Bathroom is easily accessible.
-my knees and hip feel awesome. low impact.

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