Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do over #3,937,821

I am weak.

See these??

How would YOU pass these up?? That's what I'm saying.

Then the scale talked back to me. And I officially have 6 pounds to lose. 

I know how to do it. So I started counting calories yesterday.

Had one of the MONSTERS for breakfast.

And was starving an hour later. (advice please!!)

I loaded up at lunch and felt MUCH better.

Today was day 2 of counting calories and I had a great lunch @400 calories, and a great breakfast @380 calories. And then bombed with 50% off valentine candy. 900 calories worth. (yes, I counted) ::enter ashamed face here::

That puts me at 1630 for the day and I am stuffed. It's 3pm. I'm hopping on the trainer tonight for over an hour to hopefully burn off most of that candy. (dang it)

And then I'll allow myself 200 calories to eat before bed.

Even though I sunk faster than the Titanic today, I CAN recuperate!! 

And check out how adorable my little girl is.

She's such a sweetie. Love that girl.

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