Saturday, February 26, 2011

Could it be true???

Since my IT band has been bothering me lately and my hip is annoying me and my thutt (thigh/butt) is really tight (not looking tight, just FEELING tight), I realized that I have not had new running shoes  since September!!!!

I found a deal online and got my NEW Ghost 3's! See how shiny??

All prepped for my 6 miler today!

Which rocked, by the way. It was super windy, there are many hills on my route, my legs are SORE, and went the same pace as my 10K race a month ago!!! (9:22/mile) That means I'm getting faster!!!

And holy sweaty when I was done! (I had to blur the picture so you didn't see how gross I was. See the sweat??)

I'm hopeful that one day I can run 6 miles at 9 min/mile. Maybe when i lose those extra 5 pounds?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Hobbies

I tried my hand at mountain biking a couple times this last weekend.


Man, it is quite a bit different than road biking. We only were going 6 mph most of the time but with the sharp turns, the ups and downs, and roots to pop a wheelie over - my heart rate averaged in the 180's!!

I rubbed the skin completely off my thumb from braking so much, and my lats were SORE the next day.

Dave even took a little spill!

Let's talk green smoothies.

I tried them several times and I am STARVING an hour later. Then, today I realized that I think I just need 2 breakfasts!! Am I the only person who needs all this food in the morning?? My friends think I'm crazy since I eat ALL the time. I can't even make it through 3 hours of church without wanting to pass out.

Check out my lunch. 

I think the only thing that might smell better than fresh strawberries are fresh peaches.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do over #3,937,821

I am weak.

See these??

How would YOU pass these up?? That's what I'm saying.

Then the scale talked back to me. And I officially have 6 pounds to lose. 

I know how to do it. So I started counting calories yesterday.

Had one of the MONSTERS for breakfast.

And was starving an hour later. (advice please!!)

I loaded up at lunch and felt MUCH better.

Today was day 2 of counting calories and I had a great lunch @400 calories, and a great breakfast @380 calories. And then bombed with 50% off valentine candy. 900 calories worth. (yes, I counted) ::enter ashamed face here::

That puts me at 1630 for the day and I am stuffed. It's 3pm. I'm hopping on the trainer tonight for over an hour to hopefully burn off most of that candy. (dang it)

And then I'll allow myself 200 calories to eat before bed.

Even though I sunk faster than the Titanic today, I CAN recuperate!! 

And check out how adorable my little girl is.

She's such a sweetie. Love that girl.

Monday, February 14, 2011

weekly update

Here is my email from dailymile from last week.

(that's not all running)

Now if I just hadn't eaten all that valentine's candy, I may have lost a pound.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

You tell me how I am supposed to do some speedwork and NOT hill work when my 6 mile run looks like this.

Sprint down the hills and die on the uphills?

Stay on a treadmill to which I have no access to unless I beg my friend for her clubhouse key?

Be a bionic woman and repeat the mantra that hills don't phase me?


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Math Problem

Empty pan of brownies


date with the trainer


A little Tony


Brownies never existed??

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I eat hills for breakfast

or, I wish I could.

Today had hill repeats on the schedule. I was optimistic going into it, taking a niiiiiiice, eeeeaaaaasy 2.4 mile warm up to get to my hill that I had been eyeing for the last 3 months. Funny how nice and easy has changed from 11 minute miles to 10 minute miles.

I get to my hill(60 feet climb in .15 miles), and hit the lap button on the garmin and take off.

Holy. crapola.

Heart rate of 189 at the top with burning quads and I can't even get a full breathe anymore. I pretty much collapse and heave for 5 minutes. Okay, just kidding. I jog back down the hill and get ready to do another one. and another one. and ONE final one.

4 hill repeats and I want to die.

I barely held 10:30 pace for the last .7 mile back home. And then I took a nap. After eating a mess of food. And now I'm starving again.

Conclusion - sprinting up hills hurts like nothing I can describe. Am I helping you want to tackle some??

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I did it!

I registered for my FIRST triathlon of the season!

April 16th.

I will have zero swim training for this. It will be my first time in the pool since September of 2010. Is this stupid?

Remember, swimming is my strength.

Totally. Excited.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hail to the 'mill

Here is Tejas we've been snowed/iced in all week. Seriously. They closed all public schools for 4 days in a row and my hubs was home as well.

Question: How am I supposed to run with ICE on the ground??

Answer: Steal my friend's key for her neighborhood clubhouse and use her treadmill.

3 runs on the treadmill this week totaling 14 miles (18 miles for the week).

What I've learned about the treadmill.
-If you don't have good music or something on TV, SO. BORING.
-Excellent for speedwork.
-Take an excedrin before the run for a headache and the caffeine makes you feel AWESOME. 
-One treadmill at 6.5 does not feel the same as another at 6.5.
-Other people think you are crazy for running for an hour.
-Bathroom is easily accessible.
-my knees and hip feel awesome. low impact.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Three Tangent Tuesday

I'm joining in for the first time ever!

Workout today: 45 minute trainer session, 10x1 minute standing sprints w/ 1 minute recovery
                          pilates abs
                          5 miles on treadmill @ 45 minutes!!! Fastest ever! (and longest I've ever gone 
                          on a treadmill)

1. Every Sunday night we watch America's Funniest Videos on ABC. Dave and I started this tradition when we were first married 7 1/2 years ago and we only got 3 fuzzy channels in our "projects" apartment. The tradition has continued and now all 3 kids enjoy "The Funny Show" with us every sunday.  You can tell here that Andrew thinks Tyler is ridiculous with how much he loves mommy. Those eyes are so funny!

And here is my FAVORITE video from this week's episode:

2. I live in Texas where the weather is as crazy as most of the people who live here. Saturday is was 74 degrees, sunny, and just BEAUTIFUL! Today? School and work is cancelled because of the ice storm that hit last night at 10pm! See??

So I had to hit up the treadmill. I've NEVER ran more than 3.2 miles on a treadmill before today. I've also never held 9 minute miles for 5 miles until today. I am SO. PROUD.

My girl Teresa came with. She did 6. She is also running a marathon in 1 month.

3. I do not like grapefruit. But I forced myself to eat it today. Because it's so good for you! and partly because I have 12 grapefruit in my house because of the produce co-op I am part of. Guess what came in yesterday's basket?? GRAPEFRUIT. And no one else in my house will eat it! I think if you have to douse it in sugar, why is it called a fruit?! I ate it straight up. It was not great. I rewarded myself with a heaping bowl of broccoli afterwards!