Monday, January 24, 2011

You look funnier than you think

I don't know why almost all race photos look so bad. I mean, they are professional photographers, right? But for some reason I look like a tool in my race photos.

Look!! I'm almost airborne in this one!! (this was about 50 feet past the start)

I don't know why I am looking down in most of these, I usually don't look down when I run. weird.

Nice, I covered my face up on this one. HAHA! Is my mouth open wide enough?? Jeez!

So here's what's up this week, I hurt myself. Again. I talked about it last week, my hip hurting really bad? Remember? Well, I think I pulled some adductor muscles or something, all the muscles in that hip are REALLY tight. So I am taking most of this week off from running. I may try a short jog on friday.  Today I did one of the insanity videos which I think hold my heart rate up pretty good and mimics running motions without the impact. I think tomorrow I will hook up the trainer for a short 45 minute ride. 

I am going to try and focus on shorter periods of time but going FASTER.  Shorter runs but faster runs. speedwork. back to 10-15 miles biking but doing them faster.  I'm thinking I might bust out my P90X videos twice a week or so to do some strength training.

No races looming so I'm not feeling super motivated.

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