Thursday, January 27, 2011

eyeball sweat

Today's workout = nada.

I made today a rest day in preparation for my run tomorrow morning. That's right. I am RUNNING tomorrow morning. I'm hoping my hip and knee hang in there. I'm thinking 4-5 miles or so.

The other night I had a ROCKING session on the trainer. The time flew by while I saw this view for 55 minutes...

(are my legs really that big?)

I did twenty 30 second standing sprints, and ten 20 second seated sprints. with some 5 minute sessions of counting to make sure I was in the 90 rpm range.

And in true Hungry Runner Girl fashion, I sweated in my eyeballs.

And it was awesome.

The husband has agreed to my first triathlon of the season. I'm going to do the Lifetime Indoor Triathlon!! Woohoo! It's on April 16th (one of the FEW that are on a Saturday), and you get to PICK your start time. yay!

It's a 10 minute swim (do as many laps as you can), 10 minutes to change and head to the spin bikes. 30 minutes on the spin bikes (as many miles as you can), 5 minutes to head to treadmills. 20 Minutes on the treadmill to go as far as you can. They give you points based on how far you go and then tally the points to determine placing.

I'm going to hit up the treadmill once a week to bust out 20 minutes and see how far I can go.

Here's hoping I get sweat in my eyeballs.

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d.a.r. said...

That triathlon sounds awesome!! I'd love to find an indoor tri. Lake water completely freaks me out...I am going to have to be medicated or something before my first tri this summer!