Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am cold blooded.

Confession: I've been doing really bad at my no sweets until the weekend thing. I'm giving myself a cheat day every week and I am not doing well. Last week was my 4 year old's birthday. we had 2 parties. which means two sets of cake and ice cream where no one judges you. Then we had company last night. And I had to make ANOTHER birthday cake for a coworker of my hubs. With candy all over it. (why does the wife get stuck with all that stuff?)

It's okay!

We all get a do-over EVERY SINGLE DAY. Today is my do-over. I am newly inspired because I got a DEAL on my favorite cereal/snack/dessert item. (.99/box!!) (I may have bought 12 boxes.) (and I might be considering buying another 12)

Kashi GoLean Crunch. 
It is the best cereal out there. I'm obsessed with crunchy food so this hits the bill.
Mixed with fat free plain yogurt and topped with some fruit? Heaven.

No more of these:

Warning: Topic Change

So it's really cold outside. I live in Texas, so our normal temps during the winter are low 40's at night and mid 50's or even low 60's during the day. Call me a wuss if you want but during the summer I train in 108 degree heat with a bazilllion percent humidity. 


It's not normal for weather to be this frigid!

This was supposed to be my taper week. But I had no workout on Saturday (see below), Sunday is rest day, and I was too cold on Monday, so I did nothing.

It's going well, right?

So yesterday I pulled out my Biggest Loser cardio max video. I haven't done it in like, a year or something. And it's easy now. totally easy. biking has made my quads like rocks. The lunges didn't even phase me. However. My butt is sore today. Didn't see that one coming.

It's still too cold outside to run (at 20 degrees currently), so I pulled out the trainer.

Which my boys thought was the coolest thing ever.

During nap time I got a GREAT 35 minute sprints workout in.

And then made sure to take my vitamins.

Saturday bike ride = Bust.

I went with my mom to the Plano Cycling Club to join the "step-up" ride. they go 32 miles at about 14.5 mph. My mom enjoys riding and isn't there to race, and I wanted to stay with her. We got there (31 degrees. COLD.) at 8am ready to go only to be told that the group we wanted to go with wasn't starting until 10am. This place is about 35 minutes away from my house. We didn't want to go all the way back home and then all the way back so we joined another group. The "Tweener" group. they go 40 miles at 15.5-16.5 mph. 3 miles into the ride the leader told us that we were too slow and couldn't stay. (I could have stayed but I wanted to hang with the parental unit)

Have you ever been kicked out of a group ride??


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

YOUR BOYS ARE ADORABLE!!! Yay, for new days. I could never pass up b-day cake and ice cream. You could just send me those sour patch kids to get out of temptation!! I HATE THE COLD TOO!! Cold in!! Yay for the trainer...saves me every time. Hope you are having a great day!

d.a.r. said...

Sour Patch Kids are my weakness!!! I could eat the entire bag in one sitting, but I think I would have sores all over my mouth from the sugar/tartness!

I can't believe you got kicked out of a group ride!