Friday, January 14, 2011


We have a problem.

Tomorrow morning when my race starts it is supposed to be 38 degrees.


How am I supposed to wear my totally cute running skirt when it's 38 degrees??!!

Now I don't know what I should wear. Capri tights? Full on pants? Base layer and a jacket? Base layer and a running long sleeved top? Beanie? ear warmers? ARM warmers??

The gloves are a positive!

And where do I put my number if I wear a jacket and take it off? racing belt? Wear it on the thigh?


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Adrienne said...

Use a race belt. I use to put them on my thigh before I got a race belt. And wear a light jacket with a long sleeve under, so when you take it off you can tie around your waist! Good luck!!! oh and ear warmers.. yes!