Saturday, December 18, 2010

She shoots, she SCORES!

For the first time in WEEKS, I am 6 for 6 in my workouts this last week!! woohoooooo!

That's right! No puking, injuries, kiddie issues and I got in my workouts every day.

Here's hoping that I can accomplish it again this next week - only 4 weeks left until my race.

Do you think my family would be mad at me if I worked out on Christmas day?? Hmmm...

Here's next weeks plan.

Monday: 4 mile tempo run, ab ripper X with pushups and dips.

Tuesday: 25-ish mile bike (run 1 mile barefoot??)

Wednesday: 1 mile warm up, 6x400's (under 2:00 each), 1 mile cool down, abs, yoga?

Thursday: 25 mile bike (run 1 mile barefoot?)

Friday: 6 mile run, ab ripper, pushups and dips.

Sat/Christmas Day: bike? nothing? don't know yet.

About the push-ups and dips that I've been doing, the hubby NOTICED my arms last night!! He commented that I was getting some muscle! YAY!

Also, can't wait to show you the outfit I'm planning on wearing! Although, it won't be as cool as a RUN EMZ shirt, am I right?? :)

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