Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eat your yellow

Does anyone else have a veggie that they could eat every day all day? (To my lone 3 followers)

This would be mine...

Oh yeah, yellow summer squash. YUM! I never get sick of this stuff.

I'm excited to do some more running this week and to not puke anymore. Here's the game plan:

Monday: 4 mile w/ four 3 minute pick ups in the middle. abs, push ups and dips.
Tuesday: trainer for 75 minutes, stretch
Wednesday: 1 mile walk/jog; 1 mile as fast as I can (I'll time it, hopefully 8 minute range)), 1 mile jog cool down. Abs, push ups, dips
Thursday: 45 minute easy trainer, stretch (explanation: I find that by Thursday I am hosed on the workouts. So I decided i would make it an active recovery day for now and see how it feels)
Friday: 5 mile long run, abs, body sculpting
Saturday: Bike to high school (6.8 miles including pecan grove hill. yikes.) run 4x400's AFAIC (as fast as I can) goal to hit 1:30 or as close as possible. bike home (another 6.8 miles DOWN the hill)

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