Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2011 Race Season

So I'm checking out the calendar and deciding on some races for 2011. I have 2 Biggies that I want to do well in. #1 is The MARATHON...

Dum. Da da dum duuuummmmmm....

My dad said he would travel here and run it with me at my pace! Decided on the White Rock Marathon since it's a huge race and close to me.

#2 Biggie is a repeat of the Blackland Triathlon that I did this year. I want a PR on that course. Goal is to shave off 6 minutes to go under 1:30. I think it's possible since my running is better so I can take off 2 minutes there,(MAYBE I could get even faster and take off more time?? I certainly have room for improvement) and I could take another 3:30 off the bike and another :30 off the swim. I'm jumping in earlier this time so I don't get stuck behind anyone in the pool. Dang slow swimmers. That would put me in about 7th place since I go up an age group in triathlons this year. A harder age group. dang.

January 15 - Hot Chocolate 10K  (goal: 58 minute range. judging by last year's results, if I go faster than 58:42, I'll get 3rd place!!!! 9:20/mile hopefully)

March 26 - 10K Run for Cover (first year for the 10K, I would have placed 2nd for the 5K. Goal - PR from the one in January)

May 7 - Little Big Town 5K (this is a tiny race, I'll most likely place at this one without trying Goal: 27 minute range)

One of the following
June 11 - Metroplex sprint tri
June 18 - Mansfield sprint tri (new race)

August 6 - Mckinney Historical Run 5K (no way I'd place at this one, it's just close to me) Maybe not, I don't know about this one yet

September 5 - Blackland Triathlon (goal - under 1:30)
September 17- SEF 15K (I'll place by default)

October 30 - Boo Run Half marathon (place by default) Maybe I'll do this one

November - Fall out Cooper clinic Sprint Tri. This is also a maybe.

December - Run the Rock MARATHON!!!! say WHAT??
Frosty 5K??

That's at least 5 running races and 2 triathlons planned for now. The hubs and I decided that the Olympic and Half Iron triathlons will have to be pushed back to next year since I still have little kids at home and I don't want to be gone that much.

I'm getting excited. Now all I need is santa to bring me a garmin so I can work on speedwork and getting faster actually KNOWING what pace I'm running at.

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Emz said...

awesome schedule woman!!!

you. rock.