Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 recap

January- Hip injury after my first ever 5 mile run(which took an hour). Can't walk without pain.

No workouts AT ALL for 2 months

March - 1 workout video a day. about 30 minutes each.

April 10th - start with 2 mile runs/jogs about 3x a week. It really is hard again.

May - sign up for a triathlon and pull out my bike for the first time in a year and a half. ride 7 miles the first day and feel like I want to die. Swim 500 yards and it hurts (haven't swam laps in like, 5 years).

June - first triathlon. OUCH. walked almost the entire 3.5 mile trail run since I was so wiped. slept for 3 hours that afternoon. Determined to do another and do better.

September - second triathlon, 10 minute PR and felt awesome! 3rd 5K ever with a PR of 28:42.

October - 5K PR of 28:02

November - 1st half marathon @ 2:11:08, got a trainer for my bike so I can work on endurance and speed for 2011 season. Knee injury.

December - training for January 10K, and feeling good. being careful with the knee. 25 mile bike rides feel great.

Can't wait for 2011!!

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The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I am glad you are a sweaty mess too....good thing our boys are married to us. Muhaha Billy had no idea how much I sweated when we were dating ha! Girl you are amazing! Bummer about the injuries...keep us updated on how the knee feels!