Sunday, November 21, 2010

pain, pain, go away...

I'm attempting to let my iliopsoas heal, as well as my IT band on the right leg(knee). So I didn't do ANYTHING on friday. or Saturday. or sunday.

I feel fat.

This week will be a little light in attempt to continue to heal.

Monday: 3.75-ish mile run, 15 minutes abs, 3x10 sets pushups
Tuesday: 15 mile bike
Wednesday: nada
Thursday: 5K or 10K race, turkey trot. I'll decide which to do depending on how I feel.
Friday: 20-25 mile bike, 15 minutes abs, 3x10 pushups
Saturday: 5 mile run

This pain has GOT to go away.

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Rachel said...

3 days of rest will not affect your fitness. ITBS sucks. I've had it many times. The foam roller is definitely the key. Sorry about your hip flexor. Definitely let it heal completely, even if it means fitness loss (usually about 6 weeks for a true strain to completely heal). Anyway, good luck with your triathlon goals!