Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just put one foot in front of the other

See these tootsies??

I decided to give them a test run today. Yes, 6 days early I went for a run

I went visiting a friend tonight who lives .6 miles away. I've been reading a lot of books/blogs/etc. about the benefits/problems with running shoes and the ideas behind barefoot running. I get hurt a lot. My hip a year ago. My knee now. My shin splints. I am a heel striker runner and I want to run on the balls of my feet since that is the "correct" way to run and apparently faster. We all know I could be faster. Who doesn't want to be faster??


I ran to my friend's house. With no shoes on.

Only 1.2 miles total, so little stress on the injured knee/strained hip flexor.

It felt awesome. 
no pain anywhere.

 I felt the slope of the road and sidewalk. My feet and ankles would adjust to unevenness of the running surface before the shock would hit and hurt my knees. Kind of cool. After about 1/4 mile running on the balls of my feet felt natural instead of forced - like it does when I run with shoes on.

I did keep my socks on because it's 38 degrees and I didn't want my toes to freeze. And I am still worried about stepping on a nail or something that will slice my foot open. But right now? I want to try for 2 miles tomorrow. (I probably won't. I'll wait a couple days to continue the healing of the knee)


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Emz said...

Love it.

YAY for you.

Hey, if it feels good/right --- go for it!!