Thursday, November 18, 2010


I pulled my hip flexor muscle. (Otherwise known as the iliopsoas)

I can barely walk without shooting pains in my left iliopsoas. Great.

Dave thinks I need to take it easy and let my injuries heal. (hip flexor strain and IT band syndrome - especially in the right knee)

I say - I'm gonna get fat and all my hard work will go down the toilet!

What should I do??

I've already signed up for my first 10K on January 15th. I can scrap my 5K since I HAVEN'T signed up yet.

I'm gonna take today off, bike tomorrow, and sunday off. Should I make all runs 3.4 miles until the pain goes away? I need to start doing ab work again as well, my lower back has been hurting and according to a google search, my abs are weak.

This sucks.

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