Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I need a cane.

After my 3.4 mile "run" yesterday and the incredible pain in my hip (flexor, that it), and the nagging pain in my knee/IT band later that day, hubby convinced me that some changes are in order.

Olympic triathlon is out for 2011 (unless I can be in shape for the one on september 25).

2 full weeks of no running at all. I am totally nervous that all my hard work will go in the crapper by doing this. But I am hurting. I need these body parts to heal. I am scrapping my 5K in december as well as the turkey trot (I will walk instead). After the 2 weeks I will do a trial 3 mile run to see how everything feels. December 6th will be my "test" run.

Focus on biking, abs, and strength training. Maybe some walking (yawn).

Today I biked 15 miles, did ab ripper from P90X (15min.), and 30 pushups.
Wed: bike 20 miles, maybe arms from P90X?
Thursday: walk 3 mile turkey trot, yoga
Friday: core synergistics
Sat: 20 mile bike, ab ripper

Can I heal in time for my 10K in January??

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