Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

I've been wanting a trainer since I have kids at home during the day that I can't leave to bike. I can't put them in a bike trailer on the service road of a highway at the speeds I go. When dave leaves for work in the morning, it's dark. When he comes home at 5:30pm, it's dark. I can't get a good workout riding in the neighborhood since it's all twisty and too many turns and traffic.

Welcome to my home my love!

I wanted one of these for Christmas (they are like, $300-ish) but I happened to open up craigslist where a guy had just posted one for $50 including the tire block!

I watched What Not to Wear and Next Iron Chef while keeping my heart rate at a constant 165 for an hour and 15 minutes.

Nice and shweaty.

Life just got a whole lot less stressful.

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Katie said...

I want one of these so bad, I have to get my bike first though :/ I'm the opposite of you, running is my strong point, I'm alright at swimming and I don't know how to use a road bike. I'm planning on learning and tri-ing by summer!