Sunday, November 7, 2010

DRC Half Report

or CRAP this hurts...
or It's all mental...
or Are we ALL mental??

I did my first Half Marathon, the DRC Half.  Holy Crap.  Ouch.

Teresa and I were parked, shuttled in, and roaming the freebie tents with 1 hour to wait. I TOTALLY wish I had a big backpack since there were some killer handouts! Clif Bloks, Clif bars, full size muscle milks, dole whole fruit chewy things, coupons, towel, cups, etc. WHEEEEE! We hit up the porta-potties, ditched the jackets and gloves and ate our Gu's with just 4 minutes to starting time.

I don't have a watch(since I'm poor) so I just stuck with the 2:10 pacers as long as I could and listened to the people calling out times at each mile marker. I don't know how long it took me to cross the start line, so I just began my pacing with the mile 1 number and went from there.

Mile by mile
Mile 1 - 11:54
FREEZING still but feeling great.
Mile 2 - 21:34
Warm now. Wow, running at a 9:40 pace?? Sweet!
Mile 3 - 31:14
Really warm, was I ever cold??  9:40 still. Feeling good.
Mile 4 -  40:55
No one told me the course would be this HILLY! 9:41
Mile 5 - 50:45
When are these hills going to end?? Legs feel good, breathing starting to get hard. 9:50
Mile 6 - 1:00:28
These pacers are way off, I finally got in front of them, they were definitely going too fast. 9:43
Mile 7 - 1:11:30 (What??)
I don't know what happened here. Got tired? Breathing is struggling to regulate after all those hills. 11:02
Mile 8 - 1:20:15
Only 5 miles left!!! I might actually be able to do this! 8:45?? (are these number people right??)
7 might have been long and 8 might have been short, that's the only way that makes sense.
Mile 9 - 1:30:00
Took my last Gu and had to FORCE it down. gross. But I needed the caffeine, since I was starting to drag here. 9:45
Mile 10 - 1:41:00
STRUGGLING. My knees hurt. Hip flexors are getting stiff. Calves are thinking about cramping. Only 3 miles left! 11:00
Mile 11 - 1:51 - ish
Pace is slowing and I can't get my breathing down. I am really fatiguing here. 10:00-ish
Mile 12 - 2:01 - ish
Trying desperately to hang on since all I want to do is walk. My feet are numb and my shins are starting to hurt. It's so mental at this point. Who would know if I walked for a bit? Who would CARE? no one. and yet, it would bother me. 10:00-ish
Mile 13.1 Official time  - 2:11:06
Tried so hard to pick up the pace here for the last mile. I was working so much harder but my pace would not budge. So ready to be done and give my legs a break. 10:06 - ish

Overall pace 10:00/mile.
93/226 in my AG

Random Thoughts
-My legs are trashed.
-I was absolutely only trained for a half and not a mile more.
-It is so mental. I was surprised at how much the head plays tricks on you.
-My tummy is revolting right now. From the gu??
-I could not have done any better than I did - and I am so proud of that.
-13 miles is a long stinking way to run.
-26 is insane.
-Can I call myself a runner, yet?
-I can not believe how bad I hurt right now.
-Why do I put myself through this??
-I must be insane.
-I love my medal.
-Teresa is an ANIMAL finishing at 1:53 (8:40 pace)
-I don't want to run tomorrow.
-I've missed my bike.
-Triathlons is where my love is, I couldn't give up my 2 better sports.
-I think I've conquered my fear of running.

I'm gonna need a couple weeks to recover from this distance, and when I do it again, it will change my training plan a little. Miles 10-13.1 hurt SO BAD so my long runs need to be more frequent and longer.
5K coming up on Thanksgiving day and another one on December 11th. Goals - 27 minute range for both!

Tons of pictures to come.


The Mom said...

AWESOME JOB!! WAHOoo!! Can't wait til I have my own hot bod page!

Amy said...

wow! I'm impressed and of course you can totally call yourself a runner. Prob could a long time ago :-)

A.J. Dub. said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again! WAY TO GO! You rock! I am very proud of my bud Christine! 26? No sweat!