Monday, November 29, 2010

Death to monster trucks

There is a reason I keep recording House marathons. (not to be confused with a marathon that involves running to and from houses)

It is for the days I am on the Trainer. Which I have yet to name. Suggestions??

Who doesn't love a little Hugh Laurie while gasping for air?

You like how I created my own aerobars with a rolled up sweatshirt? I'm classy like that.

Note the remote control in my hand. Each time I had to fast forward through commercials = 20 second all out sprint. Dang. 
On reviewing this picture, no wonder the guy at the garage sale a couple weeks ago didn't think I had the legs of a runner, he said I had the quads of a cyclist. Those are some thunder thighs there. Is that ever going to change??

Finished my 1 hour (that would be an episode and a half) with a rocking salad topped with leftover Thanksgiving turkey breast. Keeping the bowels clean for the win!

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