Sunday, November 28, 2010

7 days until R day.

I did pretty good this last week. I did miss workouts on Thursday (turkey trot went out since my son puked all night long.), and Friday since I was just too cold! Also, exhausted from that morning's black friday shopping. My speed has dropped on the bike as well as my endurance. My knee now no longer hurts when I'm walking or standing with one week left until TEST day.

Monday - Trainer!!! 1 hour with ab ripper, 30 pushups and dips.

Tuesday - walk 3-4 miles on the dreadmill. yay.

Wednesday - trainer. 1 hour with pilates abs. pushups, dips, and squats. (30 of each)

Thursday - core synergistic from P90X, stretching from P90X. Oh yeah - 2 full hours during playgroup!

Friday - walk 4 miles

Saturday - 30 mile bike, abs, 30 each of pushups, dips, squats

That looks pretty good to me for my last week of no running. I maintained my weight during  turkey week. YES! so now the trick is to lose a couple before I KNOW I will binge on those mint M&M's. groan. mint M&M's. I love Christmas time.

For your viewing pleasure, take a look at my gorgeous family:

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