Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just put one foot in front of the other

See these tootsies??

I decided to give them a test run today. Yes, 6 days early I went for a run

I went visiting a friend tonight who lives .6 miles away. I've been reading a lot of books/blogs/etc. about the benefits/problems with running shoes and the ideas behind barefoot running. I get hurt a lot. My hip a year ago. My knee now. My shin splints. I am a heel striker runner and I want to run on the balls of my feet since that is the "correct" way to run and apparently faster. We all know I could be faster. Who doesn't want to be faster??


I ran to my friend's house. With no shoes on.

Only 1.2 miles total, so little stress on the injured knee/strained hip flexor.

It felt awesome. 
no pain anywhere.

 I felt the slope of the road and sidewalk. My feet and ankles would adjust to unevenness of the running surface before the shock would hit and hurt my knees. Kind of cool. After about 1/4 mile running on the balls of my feet felt natural instead of forced - like it does when I run with shoes on.

I did keep my socks on because it's 38 degrees and I didn't want my toes to freeze. And I am still worried about stepping on a nail or something that will slice my foot open. But right now? I want to try for 2 miles tomorrow. (I probably won't. I'll wait a couple days to continue the healing of the knee)


Monday, November 29, 2010

Death to monster trucks

There is a reason I keep recording House marathons. (not to be confused with a marathon that involves running to and from houses)

It is for the days I am on the Trainer. Which I have yet to name. Suggestions??

Who doesn't love a little Hugh Laurie while gasping for air?

You like how I created my own aerobars with a rolled up sweatshirt? I'm classy like that.

Note the remote control in my hand. Each time I had to fast forward through commercials = 20 second all out sprint. Dang. 
On reviewing this picture, no wonder the guy at the garage sale a couple weeks ago didn't think I had the legs of a runner, he said I had the quads of a cyclist. Those are some thunder thighs there. Is that ever going to change??

Finished my 1 hour (that would be an episode and a half) with a rocking salad topped with leftover Thanksgiving turkey breast. Keeping the bowels clean for the win!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

7 days until R day.

I did pretty good this last week. I did miss workouts on Thursday (turkey trot went out since my son puked all night long.), and Friday since I was just too cold! Also, exhausted from that morning's black friday shopping. My speed has dropped on the bike as well as my endurance. My knee now no longer hurts when I'm walking or standing with one week left until TEST day.

Monday - Trainer!!! 1 hour with ab ripper, 30 pushups and dips.

Tuesday - walk 3-4 miles on the dreadmill. yay.

Wednesday - trainer. 1 hour with pilates abs. pushups, dips, and squats. (30 of each)

Thursday - core synergistic from P90X, stretching from P90X. Oh yeah - 2 full hours during playgroup!

Friday - walk 4 miles

Saturday - 30 mile bike, abs, 30 each of pushups, dips, squats

That looks pretty good to me for my last week of no running. I maintained my weight during  turkey week. YES! so now the trick is to lose a couple before I KNOW I will binge on those mint M&M's. groan. mint M&M's. I love Christmas time.

For your viewing pleasure, take a look at my gorgeous family:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I need a cane.

After my 3.4 mile "run" yesterday and the incredible pain in my hip (flexor, that it), and the nagging pain in my knee/IT band later that day, hubby convinced me that some changes are in order.

Olympic triathlon is out for 2011 (unless I can be in shape for the one on september 25).

2 full weeks of no running at all. I am totally nervous that all my hard work will go in the crapper by doing this. But I am hurting. I need these body parts to heal. I am scrapping my 5K in december as well as the turkey trot (I will walk instead). After the 2 weeks I will do a trial 3 mile run to see how everything feels. December 6th will be my "test" run.

Focus on biking, abs, and strength training. Maybe some walking (yawn).

Today I biked 15 miles, did ab ripper from P90X (15min.), and 30 pushups.
Wed: bike 20 miles, maybe arms from P90X?
Thursday: walk 3 mile turkey trot, yoga
Friday: core synergistics
Sat: 20 mile bike, ab ripper

Can I heal in time for my 10K in January??

Sunday, November 21, 2010

pain, pain, go away...

I'm attempting to let my iliopsoas heal, as well as my IT band on the right leg(knee). So I didn't do ANYTHING on friday. or Saturday. or sunday.

I feel fat.

This week will be a little light in attempt to continue to heal.

Monday: 3.75-ish mile run, 15 minutes abs, 3x10 sets pushups
Tuesday: 15 mile bike
Wednesday: nada
Thursday: 5K or 10K race, turkey trot. I'll decide which to do depending on how I feel.
Friday: 20-25 mile bike, 15 minutes abs, 3x10 pushups
Saturday: 5 mile run

This pain has GOT to go away.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I pulled my hip flexor muscle. (Otherwise known as the iliopsoas)

I can barely walk without shooting pains in my left iliopsoas. Great.

Dave thinks I need to take it easy and let my injuries heal. (hip flexor strain and IT band syndrome - especially in the right knee)

I say - I'm gonna get fat and all my hard work will go down the toilet!

What should I do??

I've already signed up for my first 10K on January 15th. I can scrap my 5K since I HAVEN'T signed up yet.

I'm gonna take today off, bike tomorrow, and sunday off. Should I make all runs 3.4 miles until the pain goes away? I need to start doing ab work again as well, my lower back has been hurting and according to a google search, my abs are weak.

This sucks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


go HERE to win a run naked shirt.

or don't.

because then i will have a better chance.


2 miles take HOW long?!

Slept in this morning. Felt oh so good.

Went walking with ladies from church with kids and strollers. 2.12 miles in 40 minutes. wow.

Pulled the trainer out and slammed out 1 hour and 3 minutes (yes, those 3 minutes COUNT) with about 10 -15 minutes of a standing climb at the highest resistance. WHILE watching "The Biggest Loser".

calorie burn ~ 900

I better have lost 1 pound this week with all this eating good and moving around!

here's hoping my knee hangs in there for my 6 miler tomorrow. (that would be RUNNING, not walking - that would take me like, 2 hours!)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

I've been wanting a trainer since I have kids at home during the day that I can't leave to bike. I can't put them in a bike trailer on the service road of a highway at the speeds I go. When dave leaves for work in the morning, it's dark. When he comes home at 5:30pm, it's dark. I can't get a good workout riding in the neighborhood since it's all twisty and too many turns and traffic.

Welcome to my home my love!

I wanted one of these for Christmas (they are like, $300-ish) but I happened to open up craigslist where a guy had just posted one for $50 including the tire block!

I watched What Not to Wear and Next Iron Chef while keeping my heart rate at a constant 165 for an hour and 15 minutes.

Nice and shweaty.

Life just got a whole lot less stressful.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Game plan

If I didn't have my workouts scheduled for the next 3 months already (yes, I am a nerd. deal with it.) I could totally be one of those people that figures that I am too tired and that it's too cold and it's off season so I can take a month off, right??


Hence the 3 month schedule in the off season.

Here's what I have for this next week..

Monday: 15 mile bike - just trying to get used to being in the saddle again after a month off.
Tuesday: 5.5 mile tempo
Wednesday: 6 miles EASY
Thursday: 15 mile bike
Friday: 1 mile warm up, 6 x 400's solid tempo pace - NOT sprinting, 1 mile cool down.
Saturday: 20 mile bike w/ Jana?? I will email Jana right now to schedule that.

5K in a week and a half. yippee.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's the dealio??

Okay. This is not cool.

It is FOUR days after "the race", and I have not recovered yet. Yesterday on my 3.5 mile run, I felt like someone had just rolled me out of bed and told me to run. Foggy head, legs of lead (hey! it rhymes!), no energy. I did it but didn't want to at all and didn't feel right.

Today I decided to give my bike some love after neglecting it for 3 weeks(and to give my IT band a break). I had time for a quick 12 miler before a meeting and it was not good. No energy still, legs are extremely fatigued, high heart rate. Hills that didn't bother me a month ago felt like Mt. Everest today. What gives??

How long does it take to recover from a half marathon? When you aren't a runner? This. Is. LAME.

Tomorrow had BETTER be a good run. speedwork is on the menu.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More pics and PLANS

Mile 7.5ish

 Mile 8ish

coming into the finish!


I've done nothing for the past 2 days. NOTHING.

The day after the race I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I couldn't believe how badly everything hurt!

But just because my A race is over doesn't mean that I don't want to do well at the next 2 5K's I have coming up!

5K on Thanksgiving morning! (this is a freebie put on by a lady at church) Goal: Sub 28!!! I don't care if it's 27:59, I just want to see a 27 at the beginning of my time.

5K on December 11th.  I would LOVE to hit 27:30 at this one. We'll see. I need to so some speedwork!

Plans on working out for the week...

Tomorrow (wed): 4 mile tempo run.
Thursday: 12 mile EASY bike
Friday: 2 mile warm up, 12 x 200 FAST runs, 1 mile cool down
Saturday: 25 mile bike ride!!!!

getting back into it!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pics from the Half


Waiting for the shuttle

In line for the porta potties!!

 Runner's legs??

Looking for the Gu.

Eating the Gu!

FREEZING minutes before we start

Off we goooooo....

Coming into the finish

A SIGN for ME??

Is it real?

Free food!

 I did it!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

DRC Half Report

or CRAP this hurts...
or It's all mental...
or Are we ALL mental??

I did my first Half Marathon, the DRC Half.  Holy Crap.  Ouch.

Teresa and I were parked, shuttled in, and roaming the freebie tents with 1 hour to wait. I TOTALLY wish I had a big backpack since there were some killer handouts! Clif Bloks, Clif bars, full size muscle milks, dole whole fruit chewy things, coupons, towel, cups, etc. WHEEEEE! We hit up the porta-potties, ditched the jackets and gloves and ate our Gu's with just 4 minutes to starting time.

I don't have a watch(since I'm poor) so I just stuck with the 2:10 pacers as long as I could and listened to the people calling out times at each mile marker. I don't know how long it took me to cross the start line, so I just began my pacing with the mile 1 number and went from there.

Mile by mile
Mile 1 - 11:54
FREEZING still but feeling great.
Mile 2 - 21:34
Warm now. Wow, running at a 9:40 pace?? Sweet!
Mile 3 - 31:14
Really warm, was I ever cold??  9:40 still. Feeling good.
Mile 4 -  40:55
No one told me the course would be this HILLY! 9:41
Mile 5 - 50:45
When are these hills going to end?? Legs feel good, breathing starting to get hard. 9:50
Mile 6 - 1:00:28
These pacers are way off, I finally got in front of them, they were definitely going too fast. 9:43
Mile 7 - 1:11:30 (What??)
I don't know what happened here. Got tired? Breathing is struggling to regulate after all those hills. 11:02
Mile 8 - 1:20:15
Only 5 miles left!!! I might actually be able to do this! 8:45?? (are these number people right??)
7 might have been long and 8 might have been short, that's the only way that makes sense.
Mile 9 - 1:30:00
Took my last Gu and had to FORCE it down. gross. But I needed the caffeine, since I was starting to drag here. 9:45
Mile 10 - 1:41:00
STRUGGLING. My knees hurt. Hip flexors are getting stiff. Calves are thinking about cramping. Only 3 miles left! 11:00
Mile 11 - 1:51 - ish
Pace is slowing and I can't get my breathing down. I am really fatiguing here. 10:00-ish
Mile 12 - 2:01 - ish
Trying desperately to hang on since all I want to do is walk. My feet are numb and my shins are starting to hurt. It's so mental at this point. Who would know if I walked for a bit? Who would CARE? no one. and yet, it would bother me. 10:00-ish
Mile 13.1 Official time  - 2:11:06
Tried so hard to pick up the pace here for the last mile. I was working so much harder but my pace would not budge. So ready to be done and give my legs a break. 10:06 - ish

Overall pace 10:00/mile.
93/226 in my AG

Random Thoughts
-My legs are trashed.
-I was absolutely only trained for a half and not a mile more.
-It is so mental. I was surprised at how much the head plays tricks on you.
-My tummy is revolting right now. From the gu??
-I could not have done any better than I did - and I am so proud of that.
-13 miles is a long stinking way to run.
-26 is insane.
-Can I call myself a runner, yet?
-I can not believe how bad I hurt right now.
-Why do I put myself through this??
-I must be insane.
-I love my medal.
-Teresa is an ANIMAL finishing at 1:53 (8:40 pace)
-I don't want to run tomorrow.
-I've missed my bike.
-Triathlons is where my love is, I couldn't give up my 2 better sports.
-I think I've conquered my fear of running.

I'm gonna need a couple weeks to recover from this distance, and when I do it again, it will change my training plan a little. Miles 10-13.1 hurt SO BAD so my long runs need to be more frequent and longer.
5K coming up on Thanksgiving day and another one on December 11th. Goals - 27 minute range for both!

Tons of pictures to come.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Giveaway with Emz HERE.

I totally want the runner shirt.

I also Joined the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, which you can earn points for from November 20-Jan 7. For working out and eating your veg.

I'm excited about NOT gaining 5 pounds this Christmas season. I would like to LOSE 5 pounds so I can rock out the NB shorty running shorts...

Big race this weekend. Taper is over.

Can I do it? Can I make my goal of 2:10 for my first half mary?

Here goes nothing.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Taper time

My schedule calls for 3- 2 mile runs this week for my taper week and after my first 2 mile run today, I HATE this week.

It takes me almost 2 miles to warm up! and by that time I was done. I never got into a groove.

Sooooo....tomorrow I'm going 3.4 miles instead. (don't worry - it'll be easy)

Don't worry, I'll go back to my 2 mile scheduled run on Friday.

4 days and counting...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gary Burns 5K

All prepped the night before!

It was a CHILLY 47 degrees as we waited for 45 minutes to start the race. (I made a mistake and the 5K started at 8:30. NOT 8am. My bad)
Me and the hubs ran this together and the kiddies (aren't they cute?) were watched by my in-laws during the race.

Here's Dave taking it to the finish!

The goal of this race was to finish in 27-ish minutes(even 27:59 would have been good), and try to pace off Dave. DANG that was hard. I didn't realize how much time I take to warm up when I run. Dave took off and I spent most of the race trying to catch up with him! Also, What's with the walkers?? I have no problem with walkers doing a 5K(I used to be one of them), but I crossed the start line 1 minute after the gun and I weaved around walkers for at least a mile! There were some parts where there was no where to go and I was slowed to a walk until I could make it to the grass to go around people.

About 1.5 miles in, I was hurting. I am not ready to run that fast for longer than 3 minutes!! (don't make fun, it was fast for me) I could not catch my breath and was starting to get a cramp in my shoulder. I sprinted it to the finish with a time of 28:02. WHAT?! If I hadn't weaved so much, I totally would have gotten my goal. But I DID PR and came in 16/86 in my AG and 700/3500 overall!

The only place to go now is FASTER.


 How cute is my baby all snuggled up??

DRC half in 6 days!!