Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tempos ROCK

I want to talk about my last run. Which was AWESOME, by the way - thank you for asking.

I ran 5.5 miles in 52 minutes. that's a 9:27 pace. No tempos, just a run (which included 5 hills). I will testify that tempo runs WORK to help increase your overall speed and comfortableness for longer distances!

I ran my last 5K at a 9:14 pace, so being able to go 5.5 at 9:30 tells me that I *might* be able to hold a 9:00 for a 5K. Since I am racing a 5K in a week and 2 days, we'll get to find out, won't we?? If I can, that will put my time at 27:54. Which would ROCK.

I have cut biking out of the equation completely until the half is over, I am just not finding the time anywhere and am trying to give myself more time to rest and recover. The sun sets at 6:25 or so and my hubby doesn't get home from work until 5:30 (ish). The sun doesn't even RISE in the morning until 7:40am. I think I need a trainer.

nice and easy run tomorrow(not even timing myself) and will run white rock lake with my girl T on saturday. 9.3 miles or something like that.

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