Saturday, October 9, 2010

Listening to the bod...

My knees hurt. On the outside and underneath. According to what I've read this is an IT band problem.

They don't hurt bad enough to STOP me from running my 8 miler yesterday (go me!). But in respect for an important part of the running anatomy, I am taking Saturday off (easy 4 miles) and Sunday off (rest day) completely to give them a break and not injure myself. Gotta give some love to the knees.

Let's talk 8 miles. (technically, 8.13) I finished in 1:22 which is 10:05 pace. YAY!!! my times are getting faster on longer runs!! woohoo!! Let's review...

5 miles: 51 min. (10:11 pace)
6.1 mile: 1:02 (10:12 pace)
7.1 miles: 1:12 (10:08 pace)
8.13 miles: 1:22 (10:05 pace)

Fuel for the 8 miler - 1 slice of bread & 4 oz. water pre-run. 1 vanilla bean Gu (YUM) @ mile 4 & 18oz water on the run. I was hungry at the end and couldn't wait for breakfast. Day of race - eat a lot more before the race and will take a Gu every 4 miles.

I had a second wind at mile 5 and my pace sped up, my heartrate rose, and I was cruising the last 3 miles. I knew I was working harder and my breathing was faster, but it felt good for some reason - like I was having an out of body experience. I noticed that my body was working, but it didn't hurt, so I didn't mind doing it. totally weird.

This next week in a recovery week as far as the running goes, so the plan is as follows:

Monday: 5 miles, 4 pick ups in the middle
Tuesday: bike 12 w/ intervals
Wednesday: 4 miles w/ hill repeats
Thursday: 20 miles easy on the bike
Friday: 6 miles
Saturday: 4 miles easy

The race is 29 days away!!!!! yikes!!

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