Saturday, October 23, 2010

Did I hear a NINER in there??

This is Teresa. She is my friend. She's been running for 5 years or something (while I've got like, 6 months in me). She is the person who put into my head that I actually COULD run a half marathon. That I COULD do a full marathon. Who always stays at my pace when she could go faster. Who always says that runs with me were awesome. Teresa rocks.

This morning she picked me up at 5am so we could go run White Rock Lake. It's a 9.1 mile loop around a lake. (duh) I'm all prepped with fully charged mp3 player and my AWESOME Ghost 3's. (can't see them in that pic)

I had one of these,

Which was DISGUSTING, by the by. Sine the lake has no mile markers, I took the Gu at about mile 6 (instead of 4 like I wanted) but we finished in 1:34 (10:19 pace) including a walk to eat the Gu, 2 water stops, and the random place we got lost and had to run through the grass where I swallowed 3 bugs, 1 went up my nose, and several all over my face and down my shirt. (which I found later)

here we are finished!! SO muggy today as a rainstorm is hitting as we speak - hence the sweat. Yes, it was dark when we started and light when we finished. It was a blast.

Wheat bread and peanut butter before a run?? not good.

14 days until R-day.

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