Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome to my world

I'd like you to join me on my 3.75 mile loop. It's not flat. Nothing I run is flat. It's all hills. Everything.
Let's begin,

.15 miles away from my house we turn the corner and BAM, first hill.

Crest #1 and enjoy the downhill and then prep for #2,

Which is much longer and not quite as steep as the first one. Finish up the first mile with another turn and rolling hill and then we are on to the flattest part of the whole run!

Miles 1-2 is a gradual incline with that little dip in the middle.

Weirdly, my favorite part of this loop is mile 2-3 because...well...it has the most challenging hill and I get to run in the grass for some of it?? Maybe because I know I'm coming to the end?

Doesn't look that bad, does it?? Here's a view from the top,

I wish I could photograph how long this hill is. Oh well.

mile 3 is pretty downhill and easy until I turn the last corner and 

Whoops. One more steep one.

4 hills in under 4 miles. Is that why my time sits right around 10min/mile all the time?? I hope so.  

It sure beats running on one of these:


Amy said...

wow that looks awesome! good for you! just wondering where and how you sign up for these tri's and 5k's and such. I am totally beginning runner and am interested in doing these but not sure where to find them. Thanks for your info!

Ashby Family said...

you can find triathlons by state using trifind.net and you can find any 5K's in the area by going to run on in mckinney or googling it. They are super fun and ADDITCTING!!