Friday, September 3, 2010

Thought process of a bike ride

whoa, this gear is too easy.
feeling good up the hill.
wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! I love this hill...BUMP...okay, not that part - they really need to fix that bridge.
turn left and GEEZ I'm booking it. Soft pedaling at 25mph - I should train with Lance!
oh. em. gee. what is that STENCH??
Is something biting me? ::scratch::
legs burning a little up this hill, (23mph up that hill?? what?! I am the best cyclist EVER)
I'm thirsty, gotta stop eating sugar, it makes me super thirsty. ::swig of water::
Ok, power it up that hill...JERK! can you come a little closer to me car??
turn around spot and WHAM!! This headwind stinks! 12mph downhill??
skunk roadkill...grreeeeaaaaaattttttt...this is gonna stink.
no stink?? yay! must be the wind.
speaking of wind...
thirsty again, but if I drink, the wind will bring me to a standstill. decisions...
2 miles to go - the wind is killing my quads!
turn right, whew! that wind was brutal!
what a wussy dog. think it's gonna catch up to me? HA!
ok, that's a bigger dog...good, behind a fence. I'm safe.
Last big hill in the granny gear.
and done for the day.

last bike ride of the taper. 15.3 mph with killer wind. could have been worse. could have been 100 degrees! Time for a burger!

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