Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sherman 5K Race

Here we are (minus 1) before the race. Like my pink shirt?? It's new. It's also like a mullet. All business in the front and...

All PARTY in the back!!

(I don't know why my face looks really fat in all these pics)

We started and I felt pretty good the first 1.5 miles or so although my heart was racing since I was nervous (don't know why??). I tried to find a girl in front of me and pick them off one by one. It was totally fun! I only got passed by 2 girls or so and a couple guys. And you KNOW I was going to pass those 12 year old girls if it KILLED me.

~~~~~~By the by: it was 84 degrees with 70% humidity, 70 degree dew point with a heat index of 90. Air watch - code ORANGE, which is pushing unsafe air conditions.~~~~~~~

I hit mile 1.5 at the water station beginning to hurt. My breathing was laboring and my heart rate started skyrocketing since I was getting hot. I didn't want to slow my pace but I knew I had more than a mile left (and I'm not that good, yet) so I slowed it down a touch to try and get my breathing back under control. It was not working. I really wanted to walk but I knew I would be mad at myself later. I hit the 4K mark and tried picking up the pace for the last 1K but I just don't have the stamina yet to do it for that long. I started having to breathe every stride and didn't feel like I was getting enough still, so I had to slow it back down a little. I wanted to throw up for the last mile.  I saw the finish line and tried to sprint it to the end, but I didn't have anything left!! I really wanted to puke.  I crossed the line and they IMMEDIATELY wanted to take my chip without me walking a little or something. (note to race director: push it back about 25 yards) I went and got some water and freebie food and downed 2 water bottles in 20 minutes.

Official time: 28:42 (pace 9:14/mi)
6th in age group
163 overall out of 350

Goal for 5K October 30 - sub 28!!

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