Sunday, September 12, 2010

Plans for the week

Okay, it looks like this humidity is going NOWHERE with highs in the 90's everyday. So, I'm just going to have to suck it up and place water bottles every mile of my runs.


Monday: 4 miles with 6x1:00 pick up pace in the middle. (I'm thinking of going at 5am)
Tuesday: 4 miles, 4 GP (5am)
Wednesday: crosstrain day. either bike 15 miles or swim for 30 minutes.
Thursday: 6 miles (long run) (9am)
Friday: 3.7 miles EASY (5am)
Saturday: 5K race !!!

total run miles: 20.8

5K on saturday: I would LOVE to run it in 27 minutes. But I'd be happy to be under 30 minutes since that would be a PR for me!!! YAY for PR's!!

Seriously, this weather is KILLING me. (currently 92 degrees and 60% humidity, heat index of 101!!)

The forecast for tomorrow morning at 5am. Do you hear me?? FIVE IN THE MORNING!!!
Temp of 67 with the humidity at 97%!!!!!!!!

I can't win.

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