Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So, I have no idea how you guys are when you work out in the humidity, but I struggle with my breathing which makes my legs feel like cement blocks. (this morning was 80 degrees at 83% humidity - I looked it up) I started thinking it was all in my head until I read this:

"The final, and most critical, body defense to overheating is evaporation. The evaporation of sweat from the surface of your body, the changing of a liquid to a gas, cools your skin. It is important to note that it is not sweat, per se, that cools your body; rather it is the evaporation of sweat from your skin that cools the body.
The relative humidity of the air surrounding your body is the most important factor that determines the effectiveness of evaporative cooling. When the surrounding air contains high amounts of humidity, or water, the ability of the air to take on more liquid from your body is diminished or completely eliminated. Recall it is not the actual sweat that is cooling, it is the evaporative process. " - article from

So this morning when I headed out at 6:10am and it was ALREADY suffocatingly humid and sticky and warm edging on the side of hot. I stick pretty steady at a 10 or 10:30 minute mile (don't hate, come on) but since I was only going 2 miles, I wanted to see what I could hold my pace at. (a little difficult since I don't have a garmin - YET) Well this morning was NOT the morning for that. YIKES. I really struggled and started feeling like I had asthma since I could only take in about a half a breathe. But I finished my 2.1 miles in 19:30 giving me a 9:17 minute mile. Which i held for 2 miles. Boo-YAH. Even with the crappy weather conditions.

This 2 mile run was harder than my 5 miler last week because of the weather. Here's hoping there is ZERO humidity on race day or I am going to suck it.

Good news, since my knees have been hurting me and I've been entertaining the idea of a half marathon, I just got some new running shoes! YAY! They should be arriving in the next day or two and then I will give you some drool worthy pics. Had to order online to save a BUNDLE of cash, they retail for $99. My wallet is screaming just thinking about it.

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