Tuesday, September 21, 2010

dead animals

The run yesterday was GREAT. I had my friend T come with me since she's faster than me so I could pace off her for 1 mile. It was hard but I did it!! I was really proud that I could hold my pace for an entire mile like that. Imagine what I can do when it's cooler!

Today's bike was shorter than I hoped but it's getting dark so fast!!

Road kill count for the night:
3 armadillos
1 turtle
1 rabbit

12 mph winds from the south east.

the first 6 miles were straight south and it was rough but I held on and held a 14.1 mph avg for the first section. and ROCKED it with the tail wind. I felt like I wasn't even trying at 18-19 mph. I topped out at 39.5 mph on the BIG hill (secretly hoping for 40, next time!)

I really enjoyed this ride. I finished with 15.4 mph average which isn't so bad considering the wind and that I wasn't pushing it all the way.

Tomorrow - hill repeats up the "C" hill. hoping for 6. good luck to me!

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