Monday, September 6, 2010

Blackland Triathlon Race Report

or "the gang's all here"
or "36 seconds from a medal"
or "being in shape really does help"

Here is the Melissa Ward (minus 2) who participated in this Tri.

From L to R: T. Hart, J. Hart, K. Tenney, ME!, D. Broderick, T. McCabe, D. Broderick

Me and my girl Teresa who got blackmailed in this 2 weeks ago.

Checking out the pool considering my options on the foot first start in 12 ft. of water.

Look! I have leg muscles mom!

My cheerleaders!! (didn't get a pic of hubby and Andy)

Yeah, there where 470 participants waiting in line. Fun, right??

The swim:
I entered the water #53 with a goal of breaking 5 minutes. I was SUPER adrenalized at the beginning and went out WAAAAYYYYY too fast for the first 100, I could feel it (that's the sprinter in me). So I slowed it down and passed 4 or so people. then I came up right next to this guy to pass and he didn't wait at the wall for me!!! he flipped the same time I did and I got caught underwater and that made me MAD! I had to pass him again and the lady he was trying to pass. Passed them and got caught behind this girl who could NOT get out of the pool. I spent about 5-10 seconds waiting for her to climb out. I finally got out and started hustling to T1.

Official swim time: 5:01
Time IF people were not in my way: 4:46 :)
1st out of 18 in AG
38th out of 450 overall

this jog to my bike was FOREVER long. the 50 meters of the pool and another 100+ yards out of the pool area to my bike. I plopped on the ground, slid my rolled socks on, slid my loosely tied shoes on, $5 walmart sunglasses on, helmet on and buckled, unracked my bike and jogged to the mat. Passed the mat and still had to jog another 20 yards to the mount area. (geez!!) flying mount and we're off!!

Time: 2:13 (second fastest)


Holy cow, I must have gone faster in the swim than I meant to since I could NOT catch my breath. My legs were on fire, I just didn't feel prepared for the bike, I guess. I was desperately hoping the wind would stay away for today, but it was not to be, they were 10-20 miles an hour shifting from the east and the south. I tried to keep my pedals spinning and not push on them too much and kill my legs before I was warmed up. It took 5 miles for my breathing to straighten out and legs to settle into the bike. I PASSED people!!! haha!! I didn't pass a single person in the last one so that was super exciting! Of course I got passed like I was standing still by the pro cyclists (how do they DO that??) I'm coming up to the start of the second loop and I hear my family!! I waved with a big smile and then got yelled at by someone behind me who I was blocking (apparently). Whatever - I had people CHEERING for me. It was GREAT! The wind was worse on the second lap and I was SO thirsty but didn't want to waste time to drink or eat. I forced 2 clif bloks and drank some more water. I saw this girl in a purple jersey (number 55) and one in a yellow jersey that I had in my sights on but I just didn't have enough time to catch them. On to the finish and tried a flying dismount - which I DID practice, btw - and almost crashed!! I didn't, though, which was nice!

Official time: 56:25 or 16mph (which was my goal!!!)
time if I didn't almost crash or if there was no wind: 55 minutes (haha)
4th out of 18

Hopped off the bike and WHOA. Do I even have legs? My legs felt heavy and rubbery - worse than any other time I've done that. I limped and hobbled jogged to rack my bike and dropped my helmet and threw on my race belt w/my number. I tried to hop/jog to the water station at the run exit but it was not happening. Then they guy with the mike started yelling saying, "It's not that bad, Christine, it's not that bad!" So I started jogging again and walked through the water station with some water. a little swig and a dump of the rest on the head, and away I go.

Time: 1:03 (fastest)

I started not loving the way I was feeling but I decided to push through it and just concentrate on breathing and keeping my legs going. One guy passed me. Dang, he was booking it!! But, look!! I'm catching up to someone!!! Holy cow!! On the RUN! I PASSED SOMEONE!! hahaha!! it took about 1/2 mile and my legs loosened up and started feeling GREAT. I would switch between toe running and hell striking to give the different sets of muscles a break. Mile 1!!! YAY! Walked through the H2O station and dumped one cup on my head and drank half the other one. Picked up the jogging again. I caught up to this guy who was about 50 or so and a 16 year old girl and we ran together for the last 1.5 miles or so, chatted a bit, which was nice. Then the older guy started walking and then saw me still going and decided to stay with me, he called me a runner!!! haha! I passed a couple more guys who were walking! Then I got passed my purple jersey! I must have passed her in T2 since she entered before me. well, she hung out about 50 feet in front of me and with 200 yards left I decided to pass her (since she was in my age group) which I did. And then at the last 10 yards she sprinted in and passed me!! she beat me by like, 3 seconds. LAME.

Run time: 31:34 (10:11 pace)
7th out of 18

Total Time: 1:36
Place: 4th out of 18 in my age group and THIRTY-SIX seconds away from a medal!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

213 out of 470 - That's what you call a middle of the pack racer!!!

I had SO much fun, and dang it!! I've got to STOP getting 4th place!! It's the first person who doesn't get a medal!!!

But you know what I DID get??
a SWEET tan line.

Final thoughts: I had an absolute blast!! I was in much better shape this time and I could tell. I was hashed after the last one and I didn't even take a nap today!! Also, I'm gonna get a medal if it's the last thing I do!

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