Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tri runthrough

This morning I did a (kind of) practice for the tri in 2 weeks. Swim a 300, jog to bike, practice T1, bike 15, practice T2, jog/walk 2 miles with NO MUSIC. Since I cant have music on race day, I thought i'd give it a run through and see how everything feels.

Before I get into that, Thursday night bike was HORRIBLE. Head winds for the first 6 miles that I had to PEDAL downhill whilst being blown all over the road. I averaged 14.5 which I was bummed about. Then on Friday, I went to the track at 10am (about the time I will start the run) to do some sprints. Awful. I was tired, sore, and HOT. It was 100+ degrees and my heart rate was soaring. also, I did a body sculpting that morning and hurt my shoulder. I iced it and took some aspirin stuff but it feels completely wrong. I'm hoping it's just an old injury flaring up and not a new injury. I could barely sleep that night since it hurt so bad.

Ok, today...

Swim - I was nervous about my shoulder since it didn't feel any better but I jumped in (with my tri suit, first time to swim in it) and did a 100 to warm it up. It felt okay!!! YES! did a running foot first jump and did a 325 since the race will be in a 50M pool. Felt great. Tri suit felt great. Awesome!

T1 - I jogged to my bike (which I strategically placed far away since the transition is kind of far at the race), and put on my socks (which I rolled) and slid my shoes on (pre-laced loosely), glasses, helmet, and I was READY! SO MUCH FASTER than my last race. I'm glad I practiced.

Bike - 14.3 miles on HILLS. The headwind was BAD. not as bad as thursday, but not a whole lot better.  I did go with 2 friends and I waited for them at a couple spots so I paused my computer to get an accurate time for me. My legs were on fire. passed a LOT of other cyclists which was fun - they are such a friendly bunch. Averaged 15mph on sore legs with bad wind, not too bad. Oh, I hit 39 mph on one of the hills - awesome!

T2 - Dropped the helmet and bike, one last swig of water, and off I went. My legs felt a little rubbery, but not as bad as they've been in the past. My breathing was off and it was hard to concentrate with no music to go on. I really tried to focus on my form and regulating my breathing which took right about a mile until my breathing fell into a rhythm. We walked about 1/2 mile after than and then jogged another 1/4 and felt GREAT. My recovery was so fast!

Final thoughts - eat more. I drank a lot of water and ate about 125 calories on the ride and started the run STARVING. all I could think about was my tummy growling. I need about 300 cal on the bike, I think. Know going into the run that it will take 1 mile to get my breathing right. Take it 1 mile at a time. focus on the NOW. the moment I'm in. Breathe. focus on the breathing.

Thinking about being tired and cranky all week and having doubts all came into focus when I started my period friday morning!!! I'm crampy today but had a GREAT workout, so I'm feeling good again. I'm so glad tomorrow is Sunday and my day off. Only 1 more week of hard training and then TAPER time. WOOOHOOOOO!!!!

Christine out.

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