Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Too hot to handle.

Workout monday - sucked. I did my bike averaging 15.6 mph which is the best I've avg. on that route (I swear it's one of the hardest), and then went straight into the run. I started the run at 9:30am with (what felt like) 100% humidity and breathing really hard since I hammered the bike and 98 degrees. Yeah.

I did a mile and felt like I was suffocating. I couldn't breathe. i was hot, thirsty, my legs hurt SO BAD.

I felt inadequate for this race I'm doing. How in the world am I supposed to race it when I couldn't even run slow because I felt so horrible.

Tuesday. swim - lousy. I did it but felt slow/lazy/sluggish. (My friend said I looked fast, but i didn't feel it.)

run tonight - I started thinking I would go for 10 minutes since I felt so tired and mentally not wanting to go out at all. If I still felt lousy at 10 minutes, I would come back. I started thinking I would just do 2 miles. I got to the turn to do a 2 miler and thought, "Hey, I feel pretty good, I'm going to do 3 miles." So I turned to do the flat 3 mile route. When I got to the turn to do the flat route, I thought, "Hey, I still feel pretty good, I think I can attack that hill up there on the 3.2 mile hilly route." Attacked the hill. and the next hill. and the next hill.  By this time I'm sitting at 3 miles, my cobwebby brain has cleaned out and I wanted to keep going, so I turn to do an extra 1.7 mile loop (with 2 more hills). I felt GREAT. My breathing was nice and slow the whole time. I just zoned out listening to my music and every time I saw a hill I was like, BRING IT.  I ended up doing 5 miles in 55 minutes and feel so good. It's amazing what a 25 degree srop in temperature and the wind blowing the humidity out of your town will do for you. Best run I've had in 2 weeks. I have confidence again.

Tomorrow - hill repeats with the bike. hahaha!!

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