Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the heat

is KILLING me.

Last week I biked 16.5 miles and then ran 1 mile right after and felt so good that I should have kept going. I did this at about 8am. (well, I started at 7am and started running at 8am)

This morning I biked 15 miles and tried to run 3 miles right after. I started at 8:40am and started running at 9:40am. HA! yeah RIGHT. I was SO stinking hot and I couldn't get my body temperature to come down. I barely made it 2 miles and I walked part of it! That's a real shame since I ran 5 miles on saturday and felt great! (at 6am)

The difference between 7am and 10am is insane. I feel like I am dying when I go out at 10. Like - DYING. It is SO hard.

I'm completely frustrated today. I know I am better than that but my body would not do what I asked of it. I blame the heat. and going to bed kind of late.

I hope my brick workout next week is better!

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