Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bad day

You know, just because you work hard at something doesn't mean you won't have bad days.  I have had 3 bad runs in a row. I'm frustrated with running and seriously questioning my ability. I've only been running for 1 year (with a lot of breaks - let's be honest here) and can run 3 miles several times a week with a fiver thrown in there. That's pretty sinking good for me. Am I fast? Not a chance. But I can go without stopping and I am so proud of that.  Can I consistently hold an 8 minute mile?? NOPE. and that's okay with me (for now).

Biking - I haven't had a good bike in over a week. I feel sluggish, slow, and am bummed out because of it. I averaged 14.9 mph in my last race. According to the cycling world - that is SLOW. I know it will take a while to increase my speed and hold it for 25+ miles, so my goal for now is to go 16mph average in the next triathlon (in 2 1/2 weeks). I'm nervous to hammer it out on the bike because I am such a bad runner. I feel like I need the extra energy to run after the bike. Goal: this winter I will build up my running endurance and speed so the run isn't so daunting for me in these races.

Swim - I like swimming. my goal is to go under 5 minutes in this 300. I COULD knock it out in 3:30 BUT wouldn't have any energy to climb out of the pool, so I'm going to hold a steady but comfortable pace. I feel strong in the water. I'm excited about that part of the race.

The goal for today was to swim intervals and then bike tonight. I only swam about a 500 and then climbed out. I am SO tired and my body hurts. Mentally I am exhausted and I wish I could take a 3 hour nap. I feel like my body needs a break so I decided to listen to it and cancel the swim workout. I'll do a 12 mile bike at full speed tonight to see what pace I can hold, hopefully there is no wind!! I hope I don't feel sluggish out there too.

I can wait until the weather cools off - this 106 for the last 5 weeks has been torture to train in.

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