Tuesday, August 31, 2010

6 days to go...

Monday - Biked 10 miles and then ran 2 miles. Confession: this is the first time in all the bricks that I've done where I ran the ENTIRE planned run and didn't walk at all. Lame? Totally, but I was completely proud of myself that night. The bike was HARD. What in the what? I started with this CRAZY headwind that sucked - I struggled to keep to 14-15 MPH but was thinking that I would be smoking it on the way back. HA! that's what I get for forgetting that I live in the middle of the jetstream! Headwinds from the south, then I turn and get blasted by a continuing cross wind from the east and headwind from the north! SUCKS. I was really pushing it hoping against all hope that it is not windy like that on race day. (avg 15.2)Finish the bike and try to get my jello legs working take off on the run. I experimented a LOT with different running techniques i have reading about. Chi running. Pose running. My normal heel strike running. Toe running. I decided that switching between different ones was very beneficial to recovering off the bike. My shins and calves are SO tight off the bike, so changing it up really helped until I loosened out. It also took a good mile and a half to calm my breathing down and start feeling like a runner again. Good confidence boost. I can work the mental beasts on race day (I hurt, my calves are too tight, I'm getting shin splints, I can't breathe, I'll just walk this section, etc.).

Tuesday - swim a 500 free, 300 back, 200 breast warm up. 6x50's faster than race pace but not all out. Felt really strong and fast. arms slicing through the water, shoulders felt great. trying out the new googles for race day if they let us do a dive start. really enjoyed it. feel like I need to be doing more exercise, but I guess that's what a taper is!

going for a 2 mile tempo run tomorrow. I am going to time myself and hope against all hope that I can come in at 18 minutes. Okay, for you speedies out there, I know I am horribly slow at biking and running, but I'll get there. If I can hold a 9 minute mile for 2 miles I will be THRILLED. do you hear me?? T.H.R.I.L.L.E.D. I am a pretty consistent 10 minute miler right now, slowing down to about a 10:30 or 11 when I go 5 miles or so.

Actually, I figure I need a garmin to really set up some pacing and tempo work. right now it's kind of guesswork until I reach home and look at my timer on the stove. HA!

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