Tuesday, August 31, 2010

6 days to go...

Monday - Biked 10 miles and then ran 2 miles. Confession: this is the first time in all the bricks that I've done where I ran the ENTIRE planned run and didn't walk at all. Lame? Totally, but I was completely proud of myself that night. The bike was HARD. What in the what? I started with this CRAZY headwind that sucked - I struggled to keep to 14-15 MPH but was thinking that I would be smoking it on the way back. HA! that's what I get for forgetting that I live in the middle of the jetstream! Headwinds from the south, then I turn and get blasted by a continuing cross wind from the east and headwind from the north! SUCKS. I was really pushing it hoping against all hope that it is not windy like that on race day. (avg 15.2)Finish the bike and try to get my jello legs working take off on the run. I experimented a LOT with different running techniques i have reading about. Chi running. Pose running. My normal heel strike running. Toe running. I decided that switching between different ones was very beneficial to recovering off the bike. My shins and calves are SO tight off the bike, so changing it up really helped until I loosened out. It also took a good mile and a half to calm my breathing down and start feeling like a runner again. Good confidence boost. I can work the mental beasts on race day (I hurt, my calves are too tight, I'm getting shin splints, I can't breathe, I'll just walk this section, etc.).

Tuesday - swim a 500 free, 300 back, 200 breast warm up. 6x50's faster than race pace but not all out. Felt really strong and fast. arms slicing through the water, shoulders felt great. trying out the new googles for race day if they let us do a dive start. really enjoyed it. feel like I need to be doing more exercise, but I guess that's what a taper is!

going for a 2 mile tempo run tomorrow. I am going to time myself and hope against all hope that I can come in at 18 minutes. Okay, for you speedies out there, I know I am horribly slow at biking and running, but I'll get there. If I can hold a 9 minute mile for 2 miles I will be THRILLED. do you hear me?? T.H.R.I.L.L.E.D. I am a pretty consistent 10 minute miler right now, slowing down to about a 10:30 or 11 when I go 5 miles or so.

Actually, I figure I need a garmin to really set up some pacing and tempo work. right now it's kind of guesswork until I reach home and look at my timer on the stove. HA!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Tapering, in the context of sports, refers to the practice of reducing, or tapering off, exercise in the days just before an important competition. Tapering is customary in many endurance sports, such as the marathonathletics and swimming. For many athletes, a significant period of tapering is essential for optimal performance. The tapering period frequently lasts as much as a week or more.

I am at the tapering stage of the game now. YES!!! Volume reduction time!! YES!! That means instead of exercising for 2 hours in a given day, I am lowering it day by day as the week goes on. My plan is as follows:

Monday: 10 miles bike and 3 mile run - BRICK. (60-70 minutes)

Tuesday: swim - 500 free, 300 back, 200 breast, 6x50 ALL OUT. cool down. (35 minutes)

Wednesday: 2 mile run easy. (20 minutes)

Thursday: swim 300 race pace and time it. (less than 10 minutes)

Friday: bike 7 miles (25 minutes)

Saturday: 2 mile walk 

Sunday: rest

Monday: RACE DAY!

Starting on Thursday, it's water loading time. The goal is to be completely hydrated the 3 days leading up to the event as well as cutting all sweets and fatty foods a couple days prior.

I'm also buying new shoes tomorrow morning, so I get a couple days to break them in and see if they are the ones I want to wear for the race.

I checked out the course yesterday with some friends who are also doing the race and it is SO MUCH EASIER than the route I train on. I felt so fast with a much less perceived effort. Also, since I've been running 4 and 5 miles on hilly routes, the 3 miles on no hills felt really short to me. Hopefully it will still feel that way on race day.

Friday, August 27, 2010

too much??

So, my triathlon is in 9 days. I'm super excited about it (where in the last one I was so nervous I wanted to puke). And already have a couple other races in mind. They are as follows:

5K in sherman on sept 18th (I think)
44 mile bike race (Autumn in Bonham) Sept 25
5K race with dave in october - his goal is to go 25 minutes - yikes
1/2 marathon in november??? WHAT?!
8 mile turkey trot on thanksgiving
Frosty 5K December 11

Does that sound good to you guys??

I found a 9 week training plan for the 1/2 marathon and since I can run 4 and 5 miles right now without stopping, I think I have an okay base to start something like that. It's a pretty intense training plan, but what do you think? Thank i can handle it?? Think my family can handle it??

My goal is to do an Olympic triathlon next summer and since my limiter is my run, I wanted to use this winter as a training period to seriously up my stamina and speed in running as well as biking. Although in biking, I just want to be faster.

I can't believe I'm about to say this...but I think I kind of like running now.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Too hot to handle.

Workout monday - sucked. I did my bike averaging 15.6 mph which is the best I've avg. on that route (I swear it's one of the hardest), and then went straight into the run. I started the run at 9:30am with (what felt like) 100% humidity and breathing really hard since I hammered the bike and 98 degrees. Yeah.

I did a mile and felt like I was suffocating. I couldn't breathe. i was hot, thirsty, my legs hurt SO BAD.

I felt inadequate for this race I'm doing. How in the world am I supposed to race it when I couldn't even run slow because I felt so horrible.

Tuesday. swim - lousy. I did it but felt slow/lazy/sluggish. (My friend said I looked fast, but i didn't feel it.)

run tonight - I started thinking I would go for 10 minutes since I felt so tired and mentally not wanting to go out at all. If I still felt lousy at 10 minutes, I would come back. I started thinking I would just do 2 miles. I got to the turn to do a 2 miler and thought, "Hey, I feel pretty good, I'm going to do 3 miles." So I turned to do the flat 3 mile route. When I got to the turn to do the flat route, I thought, "Hey, I still feel pretty good, I think I can attack that hill up there on the 3.2 mile hilly route." Attacked the hill. and the next hill. and the next hill.  By this time I'm sitting at 3 miles, my cobwebby brain has cleaned out and I wanted to keep going, so I turn to do an extra 1.7 mile loop (with 2 more hills). I felt GREAT. My breathing was nice and slow the whole time. I just zoned out listening to my music and every time I saw a hill I was like, BRING IT.  I ended up doing 5 miles in 55 minutes and feel so good. It's amazing what a 25 degree srop in temperature and the wind blowing the humidity out of your town will do for you. Best run I've had in 2 weeks. I have confidence again.

Tomorrow - hill repeats with the bike. hahaha!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekly Goals

This is my last hard train week, so here is my plan:

Monday am - bike 15 miles, run 3 miles BRICK. stretch for a good 30 min. - total of 2 hours (including stretching)

Tuesday at noon - swim 100+ 3x50's - 4 times over. warm up and cool down.  evening - run 4 miles slow and easy, ab ripper P90X DVD  - total of 2 hours

Wednesday am?? - bike 20 miles - stretching P90X DVD - 2 hours total

thursday am - warm up 200 free, 100 back, 100 breast - swim 1000 no stopping, negative splits by 100's. easy, medium, fast - repeat. pm - run 4 miles. - 1.5 hours

friday pm - bike 20 miles, ab ripper P90X DVD - 1.5 hours

sat am - bike the course, jog the course BRICK - stretching P90X DVD - 2 hours

11 hours of exercise this week. That's gonna be crazy - I'm gonna be TIRED at the end. I'm open for any company at any times!!

Tri runthrough

This morning I did a (kind of) practice for the tri in 2 weeks. Swim a 300, jog to bike, practice T1, bike 15, practice T2, jog/walk 2 miles with NO MUSIC. Since I cant have music on race day, I thought i'd give it a run through and see how everything feels.

Before I get into that, Thursday night bike was HORRIBLE. Head winds for the first 6 miles that I had to PEDAL downhill whilst being blown all over the road. I averaged 14.5 which I was bummed about. Then on Friday, I went to the track at 10am (about the time I will start the run) to do some sprints. Awful. I was tired, sore, and HOT. It was 100+ degrees and my heart rate was soaring. also, I did a body sculpting that morning and hurt my shoulder. I iced it and took some aspirin stuff but it feels completely wrong. I'm hoping it's just an old injury flaring up and not a new injury. I could barely sleep that night since it hurt so bad.

Ok, today...

Swim - I was nervous about my shoulder since it didn't feel any better but I jumped in (with my tri suit, first time to swim in it) and did a 100 to warm it up. It felt okay!!! YES! did a running foot first jump and did a 325 since the race will be in a 50M pool. Felt great. Tri suit felt great. Awesome!

T1 - I jogged to my bike (which I strategically placed far away since the transition is kind of far at the race), and put on my socks (which I rolled) and slid my shoes on (pre-laced loosely), glasses, helmet, and I was READY! SO MUCH FASTER than my last race. I'm glad I practiced.

Bike - 14.3 miles on HILLS. The headwind was BAD. not as bad as thursday, but not a whole lot better.  I did go with 2 friends and I waited for them at a couple spots so I paused my computer to get an accurate time for me. My legs were on fire. passed a LOT of other cyclists which was fun - they are such a friendly bunch. Averaged 15mph on sore legs with bad wind, not too bad. Oh, I hit 39 mph on one of the hills - awesome!

T2 - Dropped the helmet and bike, one last swig of water, and off I went. My legs felt a little rubbery, but not as bad as they've been in the past. My breathing was off and it was hard to concentrate with no music to go on. I really tried to focus on my form and regulating my breathing which took right about a mile until my breathing fell into a rhythm. We walked about 1/2 mile after than and then jogged another 1/4 and felt GREAT. My recovery was so fast!

Final thoughts - eat more. I drank a lot of water and ate about 125 calories on the ride and started the run STARVING. all I could think about was my tummy growling. I need about 300 cal on the bike, I think. Know going into the run that it will take 1 mile to get my breathing right. Take it 1 mile at a time. focus on the NOW. the moment I'm in. Breathe. focus on the breathing.

Thinking about being tired and cranky all week and having doubts all came into focus when I started my period friday morning!!! I'm crampy today but had a GREAT workout, so I'm feeling good again. I'm so glad tomorrow is Sunday and my day off. Only 1 more week of hard training and then TAPER time. WOOOHOOOOO!!!!

Christine out.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bad day

You know, just because you work hard at something doesn't mean you won't have bad days.  I have had 3 bad runs in a row. I'm frustrated with running and seriously questioning my ability. I've only been running for 1 year (with a lot of breaks - let's be honest here) and can run 3 miles several times a week with a fiver thrown in there. That's pretty sinking good for me. Am I fast? Not a chance. But I can go without stopping and I am so proud of that.  Can I consistently hold an 8 minute mile?? NOPE. and that's okay with me (for now).

Biking - I haven't had a good bike in over a week. I feel sluggish, slow, and am bummed out because of it. I averaged 14.9 mph in my last race. According to the cycling world - that is SLOW. I know it will take a while to increase my speed and hold it for 25+ miles, so my goal for now is to go 16mph average in the next triathlon (in 2 1/2 weeks). I'm nervous to hammer it out on the bike because I am such a bad runner. I feel like I need the extra energy to run after the bike. Goal: this winter I will build up my running endurance and speed so the run isn't so daunting for me in these races.

Swim - I like swimming. my goal is to go under 5 minutes in this 300. I COULD knock it out in 3:30 BUT wouldn't have any energy to climb out of the pool, so I'm going to hold a steady but comfortable pace. I feel strong in the water. I'm excited about that part of the race.

The goal for today was to swim intervals and then bike tonight. I only swam about a 500 and then climbed out. I am SO tired and my body hurts. Mentally I am exhausted and I wish I could take a 3 hour nap. I feel like my body needs a break so I decided to listen to it and cancel the swim workout. I'll do a 12 mile bike at full speed tonight to see what pace I can hold, hopefully there is no wind!! I hope I don't feel sluggish out there too.

I can wait until the weather cools off - this 106 for the last 5 weeks has been torture to train in.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Training plan

This weekend I went to my grandpa's 80th birthday and in so doing, saw many (many) cousins and aunts and uncles that I haven't seen for 8+ years. And the question they all asked me, "HOW ARE YOU SO THIN??!!" "What do you eat??" "How much do you workout??" My aunt couldn't believe that for breakfast one morning I had 2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast, and orange juice. (which is pretty normal for me) she thought that was SO MUCH food. the next morning I had a yogurt parfait, blueberry muffin, 2 more eggs and bacon. So, here is my training plan for this week:

Monday: run 4 miles with no stopping. There are 4 significant hills. for reals. BIG hills. Oh, I forgot about the one at the end, 5 hills.

Tuesday: swim - warm up (300 free, 200 back, 200 breast, 200 kick), 1250 nonstop. goal: 20 minutes or so, cool down.  bike 10 miles intervals. sprint .25 mile, spin .75 mile for 8 miles. 1 mile warm up and cool down.

Wednesday: run 4 miles, lower body blast class (I'm teaching)

Thursday: swim - warm up(300 free, 300 breast, 200 kick), 12x50's all out!! rest 1 min. cool down. bike 15 miles for time.

Friday: run 1 mile slow warm up and then interval work. 5x200's with 200 walking slow. :45 or faster per 200 cool down with slow jog.  Full body strength and core work.

Saturday - swim - warm up(300 free, 200 back, 300 breast, 100 fly, 100 kick) 100+3x50 (4 times), cool down, 20 mile bike

Sunday - REST.

how's that?? No more guesswork about what I do everyday.

What are YOU doing every day??

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the heat

is KILLING me.

Last week I biked 16.5 miles and then ran 1 mile right after and felt so good that I should have kept going. I did this at about 8am. (well, I started at 7am and started running at 8am)

This morning I biked 15 miles and tried to run 3 miles right after. I started at 8:40am and started running at 9:40am. HA! yeah RIGHT. I was SO stinking hot and I couldn't get my body temperature to come down. I barely made it 2 miles and I walked part of it! That's a real shame since I ran 5 miles on saturday and felt great! (at 6am)

The difference between 7am and 10am is insane. I feel like I am dying when I go out at 10. Like - DYING. It is SO hard.

I'm completely frustrated today. I know I am better than that but my body would not do what I asked of it. I blame the heat. and going to bed kind of late.

I hope my brick workout next week is better!

Friday, August 6, 2010

almost there!!

this week of training is almost done! Sometimes I can't wait for sunday and my day of rest!

Yesterday I swam 100 laps and did the insanity #2 DVD.

This morning...YIKES! my back and calves are screaming at me!!

So what did I do? That's right...I biked 15 miles and then did a boot camp at the track for my exercise class!

now I need to rest so I can run my 5 miles tomorrow. go me.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This morning I ran 3.5 miles (on really sore legs and butt, I might add!). You know what's cool? I felt GREAT!!!!! I could have kept going and ran 5 miles, I felt so good. That is the FIRST time that's ever happened to me and I loved it.

After that I did body sculpting. I am S.O.R.E.

I was going to bike as well...

...but I think my bod needs the break.

tomorrow is an insanity workout and a swim.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm here!!

I am currently in training for my 2nd sprint triathlon.

this next tri is a 300 meter swim, a 15 mile (hilly) bike and a 5K.

My goals:

-to feel better during the run than I did last time.
-to do the swim in under 5 minutes
-to keep a 16 mile/hr pace on the bike
-to keep the run under 38 minutes
-top 10 in my age group

I have no idea what I weight right now but I am certainly pretty muscular!

and I'm considering training for a 1/2 marathon in november. crazy??