Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3 for 3

I have worked out for the past 3 days - yay me! It's so nice to have a work out partner to answer to and the time seems to go faster. My butt and hamstrings are on FIRE and are so tight right now. But that's not a bad thing to me because if I can feel them then I am working them.  I used up 2 of my 3 freebie days the first two days of the month!!!! Other than the dessert I ate, I did eat pretty good, though. Today's been really good too. I want sweets right now but i think I will clean off all the grapes I have and eat those.

I am going out of town tomorrow through sunday night eating out at dinner, so I am going to bring all my stuff for healthy breakfasts and lunch's and then maybe eat salad for dinner? soup?

they have a gym at the hotel, so I will bring hailey and run on the treadmill while she watch's TV or something.

I weighed 122.8 this morning.

how are you doing?

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